June 14, 2021

Good prospects in the stores for January sales

Good prospects in the stores for January sales


Although there are many the brands that have advanced to the traditional period to take advantage of the pull of the celebration of the Magi, the winter sales are generalized this January 7, traditional opening day of the time of greater discounts, with good prospects in the trade.

For a few years nothing prevents them from putting them before or after, but the day after Reyes is still the date chosen by many shops for the beginning. In this year's campaign sales will grow, at least 3% over the previous year, according to the calculations of the sector.

The favorite products in 2019 will be accessories and clothing, in which Spaniards will be left on average 121 euros, as indicated by a report prepared by Fintonic, which estimates that 48% of Spaniards will take advantage of these dates to buy this type of item.

In view of this period of discounts, the Consumer and Users Organization (OCU) reminds that discounted products must have been part of the store's offer previously, have the same quality that they had before being discounted and that their original price is visible next to the new one or show a label with the discount percentage.

The OCU emphasizes that the consumer should know that their rights are the same as in the periods in which there are no rebates and, in case of any problem, they should act as they do at any other time.

Warns that some businesses establish special conditions for purchases on sale (on returns, acceptance of payment by card, etc.), which is allowed, provided that these conditions are clearly indicated and in a visible place for the consumer. And insists that the buyer must keep the ticket or bill simplified because, if it is lost, with it also loses the right to change, return or claim after the purchase.

To avoid unnecessary purchases, the organization advises making a list of the things that are needed.


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