February 28, 2021

Good news

Some readers write to us asking for some good news amid so much alarm about the coronavirus. Here’s one: Covid-19 outbreaks have been reduced by 38% in residences of elders during the month of January. The fall coincides with the vaccination campaign and is data recorded while the third wave infections multiplied, so we can interpret that the vaccine is already saving many lives in Spain.

Although the number of daily deaths continues to rise, the clear downward trend of infections, which will eventually drop the number of deaths in a few days. Like every week, we have virus incidence data by municipality.

Spain is not going to give the AstraZeneca vaccine to people over 55 years of age, so we have been wondering for several days who will be injected with the doses from this laboratory that have already arrived. There is already an answer: Penitentiary Institutions workers, physiotherapists, pharmacy personnel, forensics, teachers of infant and primary education, police, military and firefighters. Some communities are already preparing large public spaces for what should be a massive vaccination, parallel to the one that continues to be carried out in the elderly with the doses of Pfizer and to a lesser extent of Moderna.

Now, sorry, back to bad news.


South Africa has had to stop vaccinating

The variant of the virus identified in South Africa makes AstraZeneca’s vaccine, the only one available, almost useless: it is only effective in 10% of cases. Labs are already working on how they can modify vaccines to accommodate the mutation.

Wuhan report. The original strain of the coronavirus comes from an animal, but we don’t know which one, and there is no indication that it was purposely released in a Chinese laboratory. They are two of the findings of the WHO mission in Wuhan to investigate the origin of the pandemic.

The Covid-19 hit on developing countries can be devastating. According to experts, the fight against extreme poverty has lost during this year what it has gained for decades.

Who is Enrique López

If your addiction to political information is moderate or you do not handle the names of Madrid politics in depth, it is very likely that you do not know Enrique López, who does not have a memorable name either. Nothing happens, that’s what our colleague Marcos Pinheiro is for, who tells you in this profile full of pearls.

Although Enrique López is not as well known as others, his role in the current Popular Party is crucial. In addition to being a counselor of Justice of the Ayuso government in the Community of Madrid, he is the man in the shadows who acts as a link between the leadership of Pablo Casado and the Judicial Power.

Enrique López was a judge of the National Court when in 2017 mediated so that the PP lawyer could meet on several occasions with a businessman friend of Luis Bárcenas. A few years later, López is on the Board of Directors of the PP, he is a regional councilor and the plumbing works are attributed to him so that the PP continues to block the renewal of the Judicial Power and the Constitutional Court.

Another impeachment to Trump

The Senate process has begun impeachment to Donald Trump, that mechanism they have in the US to judge presidents from the legislature and force them to leave office. Trump is accused of encouraging violence just before the assault on Capitol Hill to prevent Biden from being named the official election winner. During the Senate session this morning, it was issued a video that summarizes what happened pretty good and leaves Trump pretty bad.

The same all this is confusing to you. But how are they going to make a impeachment to Trump if he is no longer president? Well, it is happening and, yes, this whole operation has a mainly symbolic importance. Trump is the first president to twice face a impeachmentAlthough, as happened with the previous one, this time he also looks to overcome it and he can always say that he is the first president to resist two attempts at reproof.

If you want to know more, you have the keys here.


Do not pass

  • Trans Law. The PSOE seeks an alternative to psychological or medical reports to certify the change of sex in the new Trans Law. Moncloa tries to shape an intermediate point between gender self-determination with no more requirements than the will and the stigma that the current law supposes.
  • Fire scar and other photos in the middle of nature. We have done a photo gallery with the photos awarded by the Natural History Museum of London.


Everything is politics

  • Shark. I am very funny about what our collaborator Elena Álvarez Mellado proposes on Twitter: see this sequence of Jaws as if instead of talking about a shark they were talking about the management of the coronavirus and the dilemma between scientists and political managers. “We have to save the summer.” Visionaries.
  • We had Superbowl, the grand finale of the American football competition, and there is always talk about how expensive it is to put an ad and how good the concerts are, but not always about the social gestures, which are also there. We have translated Amanda Gorman’s poem, protagonist in the prolegomena of the game.
  • February without Carnival. If you do not live in a very carnival place, maybe you have never stopped to analyze the political load that is often found in the lyrics of chirigotas, comparsas or murgas. Cádiz still mourns the death of lyricist Juan Carlos Aragón in 2019, and it may be a good place to start. Here a selection of videos that Verne made Y a thread from the journalist Jorge Dercarlini. My favorites: Los Yesterday (1999).

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