August 6, 2020

Gonzlez Dniz walks through the Garden of Delights of the Insular Library – La Provincia

One of the most consecrated writers of contemporary Canarian literature, Emilio González Déniz, will be held on April 12, starting at 7:00 p.m., with members of the Reading Club The Garden of Earthly Delights of the Insular Library of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria coordinated by the Language and Literature professor, Eduardo Perdomo de la Guardia.

Déniz (Gran Canaria, 1951) belongs to what he himself baptized as the Generation of silence, in which writers and writers like Dolores Campos-Herrero or Antolín Dávila register, which began to publish in the 80s and from which, at that time, the criticism was not dealt with as it had done before with the generation of the 70s.

Emilio González Déniz is an author whose extensive work transits different literary and journalistic genres, from essay and theater to ethnography and children's and young people's literature. Although he has published poems in magazines, supplements and anthologies, Impossible butterflies (2014) is so far his only book of poems published. But about González is a very experienced and renowned novelist, with titles like Bolero for a woman, Tiritaña, El Llano yellow, The obelisk, Half of a Creed, Sahara, Hotel Madrid, Bastards of Bardinia, The lost king or Triptych of Fire (three short novels), among other titles. His most recent published work is The front train, This is a metaphor that allows us to project certain hypotheses related to sexuality as a driving force, according to Teresa Iturriaga Osa.

It is in possession of the novel prizes Pérez Galdós, Agustín Espinosa, Angel Guerra and Center for Canarian Popular Culture, among others. He has participated in congresses and given lectures on various topics: education, literature, ethnography, plastic arts and cinema. He has not published any poetry book, although his poems appear in magazines and literary supplements. His works are included in anthologies and magazines, and he has also participated in radio programs, as a regular commentator on current issues.

As editor, he founded and directed the education and culture magazine Ventana, and was founder and director of the Canary Infantile Library at the beginning of the 90s, to stimulate literary creation in that field, which at the time was a desert in the Canary Islands. He founded and co-directed the Canarias New Scriptures collection, designed to raise awareness of new literary values ​​and published 34 books of creation and one of essays. This volume is Critical Panorama, which is a collective book in which twenty essayists study the latest literary trends in the Canary Islands.
He made the edition, a final appendix and more than three hundred footnotes for the publication of the commented edition The War of Independence. Edition for children's use, by Benito Pérez Galdós, for Editorial Anaya, collection Your books (1993), which marked the first state-wide edition of this Galdosian work since the death of Galdós, and which is the first without censorship after those carried out by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in the early seventies. In 2019, the Cabildo of Gran Canaria recognized his career with the Can de Plata de las Artes.


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