May 25, 2020

Gonzalo Caballero suffers a tremendous goring when he enters to kill in Las Ventas | Culture

The right-handed Gonzalo Caballero (Madrid, 1991) He has suffered a tremendous goring when he enters to kill the second bull of the bullfight held this Saturday in Sales. The young man from Madrid has been injured at the level of the left groin when, at the time of the embroque, he did not get out of luck and, although he buried the steel at the top of the morrillo, the animal caught him and surrounded him among the pythons in what were a few moments of tremendous anguish.

It was quickly seen that Caballero was seriously injured. It was noticed in the hemorrhage that began to sprout from his leg, in the way in which he himself covered the wound and in the speed with which he was taken to the infirmary, where he is being operated by the team directed by Dr. Máximo García Padrós.

The bull bent practically without lace, and the tenants, who had vibrated from Caballero's reckless courage, asked for an ear that the box ended up granting, and that he picked up his crew, which, immediately and then, took it to his killer to the Nursing. Due to this inopportune mishap today 's celebration in Las Ventas on the occasion of Hispanic Day has been in a hand in hand between Eugenio de Mora and the Venezuelan Jesus Enrique Colombo, with bulls from the cattle ranch of Valdefresno.

Caballero, Victoria's close friend, Daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, already suffered another serious cornada in the same square, that of Las Ventas, last May. On that occasion, he threw himself on top of the bull, and, before turning out, the python entered the left thigh of the bullfighter, who remained unmoved in the sand, motionless, until he was helped by the assists.

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