June 15, 2021

González Pons warns about the rise of national-populisms in Europe

González Pons warns about the rise of national-populisms in Europe

The spokesman of the PP in the European Parliament (EP), Esteban González Pons, has warned today that illegal immigration, nationalism and fear of the future are "the fuel that is driving national populism in Europe", against what is to fight

González Pons has intervened today in the closing of the interparliamentary meeting of the PP to warn that Europe "a storm is coming and we can not ignore it any longer: national populism has returned to Europe, just as in the years prior to the II World War and fascism and murderous communism ".

Thus, he explained that, if "four years ago Europe was the solution, now is the problem", as evidenced by the confluence of "brexit", the immigration crisis, the murder of journalists in Europe, the return of terrorism and the " attempted coup d'état "in Spain.

To this are added the sanctions imposed on member states of the European Union and the rejection of Italian budgets, a punishment that "may not be so far from what can happen to Pedro Sánchez if he persists in sending lies to Brussels," he said. .

"Of the brutality of the answer of (Mateo) Salvini to the lies of Sanchez runs a very short way", has assured.

But, above all, the main problem for the EU is the "brexit", which assumes that "nationalism returns to govern" in one of the great countries of Europe and shows that the EU "is reversible", has said the Euro MP of PP.

For all this, Gonzalez Pons has predicted that, in Europe, "the confrontation will no longer be right against left, socialists against Christian Democrats" but will be a confrontation of "the EU against nationalism, the rule of law against authoritarianism, values ​​and European principles against the new fascism and the new communism ".

"It is time to fight for democracy, rights and dignity: the history of Europe begins again," he concluded.


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