September 29, 2020

González Pons’ love novel brings together Casado, Rajoy, Alonso, Báñez, Sémper and even Pepe Blanco

The author, the PP MEP Esteban González Pons, wanted everything to be about “love and literature”. But in the massive act of presenting his first novel –They (Espasa, 2020) – in Madrid, politics and politicians eventually sneaked in full. The event brought together some of the most relevant public leaders of the last decades this Thursday.

Pons was robbed by a former president of the Government, the popular Mariano Rajoy, with whom the now writer was deputy secretary of Communication in the Popular Party and even part of the old PSOE guard with the former minister and ‘countless two’ of the Socialists, José Pepe Blanco or Antonio Hernando.

The ability of the Europarliamentary call to revive for a few hours the ghost of the primaries of the PP of 2018. The winner of the internal process, the current president of the popular, Pablo Casado, coincided with some of his internal rivals who positioned themselves with Soraya Sáenz Santamaría in the primaries, such as former Minister Fátima Báñez and the leader of the popular Basques, Alfonso Alonso, who appeared in Madrid after a turmoil for his controversial designation as a candidate for the Basque elections despite the reluctance of some sectors of Genoa 13.

Another of the uncomfortable prints was the former leader of the Basque PP Borja Sémper, one of those chosen by Pons to act as master of ceremonies of the act, who greeted Casado smiling and posed between the popular leader and his main squire, the secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, despite having been one of the most fervent critics of the rightist drift that the current leader of the popular undertook as soon as he reached the presidency of the party.

After months of discrepancies, Sémper left politics last month to go to work at a multinational. Therefore, perhaps, he only wanted to talk about “love.” “It is a solid and deep book because irony and humor do not cover the background that human relations have,” said the PP’s spokesman in the Basque Parliament and now director of Institutional Relations at EY. “I love Esteban González Pons, not on a physical level, but I love him,” he added, causing the laughter of an audience composed mainly of leaders and former leaders.

The book, a “take off”

As the companion of the former Basque leader, the author of the novel chose another Basque, the current MEP of Citizens Maite Pagazaurtundua, whose name was among the pools or the “maledicient rumorology” – as Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo says – to replace the leader of the PP of Euskadi, Alfonso Alonso, as the candidate for lehendakari of a possible coalition between popular and citizens. She described the book of the MEP of the PP as a “remover” and recalled the moments when he met Pons in the Europarliament.

The author, who has spent three years writing his novel in spare time and between airport halls and airplanes, wanted at the same time to be faithful to his party – which governs thanks to Vox in different administrations and that has traced the speech of the extreme right on issues such as Catalonia, immigration or, more recently, euthanasia – and showing himself as a “moderate” and center politician.

That is why he invited members of other political formations who are now totally confronted with the PP to the event. In the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid, for example, the PSOE MEP Ramón Jáuregui or other former Socialist and Citizen leaders. But Pons’ main message was to thank Rajoy and Casado for their presence: “I had to leave politics when Rajoy left, but I found a reason for doing politics in you,” he told the leader of the popular.

They, the book in question, “tells a love story about the second opportunities in which those born in Spain in the 60s or 70s: the adolescents of the Transition will feel represented,” explains the editorial’s note. “ANDIt’s a photo album of women whose pages are passed with the hands of a child. “” It’s a love story, without any autobiography, “Pons added, in the presentation.

After having been almost everything in politics – he was a senator, deputy, counselor of the Valencian Community at the stage of Francisco Camps and number three of the PP – Pons is now looking for a second chance as a novelist. The author would like to combine the two facets, the political and the literary, and he is already preparing a second book that he does not dare to publish yet. In the absence of a future call to present that second book, Pons ironized: “At my funeral there will not come as many people, nor will they be so friends nor will they come to speak so well of me.”


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