February 27, 2021

Gonzalez Pons assumes that the police know that Puigdemont is on the border waiting to move to Strasbourg

In a message posted on his profile on Twitter, the 'popular' leader has commented on the possibility that Puigdemont is on the other side of the Franco-German border, something that Puigdemont's lawyer Gonzalo Boye has confirmed.

"Apparently Puigdemont is on the German side of the Rhine ready to enter and leave France at any given time, the Civil Guard and the Police, I suppose you already know," said González Pons.

"It's all very ridiculous, unbecoming of a cause that pretends to be taken seriously in Europe," he said, in relation to the maneuver that Puigdemont and ex-Toni Comin would be preparing.


"They are in a territory where the Germans and the French have always discussed who they are," said Gonzalo Boye on Tuesday in an interview in Rac1, suggesting that Puigdemont and Comín are outside France but close to the European Parliament.

As he said, they will make the most appropriate decision to guarantee the safety of both, after warning that in Strasbourg there would be "a very strong presence of Spanish police" prepared to deternelos in case they cross the border. "The presence of Spanish police in Strasbourg is very detectable, they just missed the tricorn," he insisted.

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