González Laya says that the PGE must "adapt to reality" and that there are no plans to lower taxes

In addition, he has also made it clear that "no one here is talking about lowering taxes," but rather approving moratoriums and deferrals so as not to "drown companies that have cash-flow difficulties" due to falling demand.

The minister stressed that short-term measures must be combined with those of the medium and long term, in the short term "measures necessary to avoid drowning the economy" and in the medium and long term continue with "the path of more fiscal justice".

As he has said, in the fact that the Budgets must adapt to reality "the Government is and will be united" and is aware that the measures taken will have a fiscal impact.

Of course, it has made clear that not all measures will be adopted through the Spanish Budget, but that there will be a part that will come from the increase in liquidity by the European Central Bank (ECB) and other European funds available to Spain.

(There will be expansion)


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