August 11, 2020

González Laya believes that de-escalation in Spain is compatible with coordination in the EU

“We are going to start gradually eliminating the restrictive measures (…) by dealing with our European partners,” said González Laya during his speech on the Ici l’Europe program, Aqui Europa, on French television France24.

“All measures must be (…) coordinated and non-discriminatory (…). The dates are based on the evolution of the pandemic in each country,” he argued in response to the presenters’ questions about the imposed quarantine. for Spain. “We want to keep the virus under control so that we can gradually return to this new normal,” he said.

In addition, the minister has welcomed the proposal of France and Germany to rebuild the economy of the European Union that includes a single emergency fund. This initiative is “a step in the right direction” and has called on the European Commission to “rise to the challenge”.

“If I compare this crisis with the 2008 crisis, the European response (…) has been much faster and much more substantial,” stressed González Laya, who recalled that “this is a virus that affects us all” . “It is a pandemic for which we were not prepared,” he said.


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