August 14, 2020

González assures before the judge that he learned about Villarejo from the press and never saw any contract of his with BBVA

According to Europa Press in legal sources, González has explained himself before Judge Manuel García Castellón and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in his statement of more than two and a half hours as an investigator for alleged bribery offenses and disclosure of secrets in the context. of the separate piece number 9 of the Tandem case, focused on contracts between BBVA and Villarejo for 13 years and for an amount exceeding 10 million euros.

González has defended that he was not aware of the existence of any relationship between BBVA and the company Cenyt or Commissioner Villarejo until May 2018, when a media outlet echoed the bank's payments to that merchant. It was then that he ordered to open an internal investigation to the Garrigues office, as he explained during his statement.

The first results came in September of that year, when he had for the first time the existence of business with Cenyt, since he did not supervise the hiring or invoices with this or with any other provider, since they did not pass by his table .

In any case, he has said that he does not know of any illegal or irregular actions entrusted from the bank and that the entity's control and regulatory compliance systems never detected such behaviors in the hiring, according to the sources consulted by Europa Press .

In addition, he has insisted that he has never met Villarejo or his Cenyt partner Rafael Redondo or any other member of this business group, according to the same sources consulted.

However, he was aware of Redondo's intervention in a private matter, as he has told the judge and prosecutors, he discovered that BBVA Security Chief Julio Corrochano turned to him as an advisor to solve a security problem he had with a house in Malaga. He pointed out that, in any case, this was after the case jumped.

After the appearance, in which he has responded to an extensive interrogation of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Gonzalez has addressed in a brief statement without questions to the media and has restricted the scope of the 'Villarejo case' in the BBVA to "some irregular conduct of individual character "that he," at this time, "has said ignore.

"Once this investigation is finished, it will be very clear that the BBVA Group and its executives have always worked in an integral manner and in an exemplary manner, without prejudice, of course, that there was some irregular conduct of an individual nature that I in this moment I don't know, "he said.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has not requested the interposition of any precautionary measure, a decision that among the dozens of directors and former directors of the bank that have already gone through the National Court, has only been agreed in the case of the former head of Security, Julio Corrochano , to whom a bond of 300,000 euros was set and which is presumed to be Villarejo's interlocutor.


On the day of this Monday also appeared the one who was director of communication of the entity, Javier Ayuso, as a witness. He has answered questions from the judge and prosecutors for about 45 minutes.

Next, it was the turn of the police officer who worked in the second activity for the companies of Villarejo, Antonio Bonilla. As they reported in legal sources to Europa Press, they have accepted their right not to testify because the cause is secret.

This Tuesday will be the turn of Juan Asúa, head advisor to the current president of the financial institution, Carlos Torres, who in December 2018 appointed him Senior Advisor to the Chairman; and Eduardo Arbizu, who until last July, when the imputation of BBVA was dismissed, held the position of head of Internal Regulation and Control of BBVA.


Likewise, the one who was chief of risks of the entity, Manuel Castro; and the successive responsible for the legal services, José Manuel García Crespo and Eduardo Ortega, all investigated for the same crimes of bribery and disclosure of secrets, according to the same sources consulted by Europa Press.

On Wednesday, the 20th, it will be the legal representation of the bank that goes to the National Court, as BBVA is charged as a legal person by bribery and also by corruption in business in relation to this matter. To date, the entity has been announcing its willingness to collaborate with justice.

In total, a dozen senior positions of the bank when these contracts were concluded have been called to testify as investigated in the National Court, including the former CEO of the entity, Angel Cano, as well as the replacement of Corrochano in Security Inés Díaz Ochagavia ; and the group leader in this area Nazario Campo Campuzano.

The director of the Commercial Banking Network at the Ignacio Pérez Caballero entity also appeared as investigated; the member until 2018 of the Management Committee Ricardo Gómez Barredo, his former Finance Director, Javier Malagón Navas; and the one who was head of Risks for Spain and Portugal and later responsible for BBVA Real Estate Antonio Béjar González, the only one of all those accused along with Francisco González who has chosen to answer the interrogation instead of taking advantage of his right not to testify.

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