Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Gómez-Reino, the only candidate of Podemos for the presidency of the Xunta

Antón Gómez Reino has obtained the necessary endorsements from those registered in Podemos Galicia to register his candidacy for the Presidency of the Xunta while the other person who had run, the Ourense militant Martín Bardelas, has not gathered the required support instead.

In a statement, Podemos Galicia notes that 85 of the 93 people who presented their candidacy to the primary schools have exceeded the requirement of the guarantees to be able to attend the regional ones either alone or in coalition.

Among the candidates for the primaries are the deputies in the last legislature Luca Chao, Marcos Cal and Julia Torregrosa, in addition to the ourensano David Bruzos, who was parliamentarian for En Marea in the brief legislature of 2016.

Also on the list are the adviser of the Common Group of Esquerda and exedil of Atlantic Tide Rocío Fraga, the secretary of Podemos Lugo José Pérez Afonso and number two of the Galician purple formation Borja San Ramón.


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