August 1, 2021

Gómez Noya seeks to make history | sports

Gómez Noya seeks to make history | sports

No one has won the Kona Ironman, which is considered the toughest on the planet because of the climatic conditions and the level of the participants, in his debut. Javier Gómez Noya, the 35-year-old Spanish triathlete who decided to switch to Ironman in early January, seeks to make history. The race, which can be followed by the organization's website, starts this Saturday at 6.35 (18.35 Spanish time) and will end eight days later, in the early hours of the morning from Saturday to Sunday. "On Friday [la víspera] will rest and go to bed early. At 3 o'clock in the morning you have to stand for breakfast because at 6.30 the test begins, "says Carlos Prieto, technician of Gómez Noya since the end of 2012. With him and the physicist Óscar Vicente has traveled Noya to Hawaii. last September 28 (he has also been accompanied by his girlfriend, triathlete Anneke Jenkins). The hours of difference with Spain are 12 and they wanted to have enough time to acclimatize. They have stayed in a flat about nine kilometers from the center. "So that Javi could get away a little from the madness that is lived before the test," says Oscar Vicente on the other side of the phone. He has been seen, in a video posted on his Instagram, playing the ukulele, an instrument typical of the island.

The day before traveling to Hawaii, Prieto took Gomez Noya to the Casa de Campo and made him promise not to escape to train secretly in Kona; that the work was done and that in the last two weeks it was simply to do activation. Has fulfilled. "Having temperance and knowing how to rest is fundamental. The strongest loading period ended in Spain, what we have done here is recover from the trip, progressively lower the workload and maintain the intensity of competition to get fresh to the race. We have been doing two sessions a day and in the morning, the first at 8 and the second at 12, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to finish and have free to rest and recover, "explains the trainer at the same time he remembers the Importance of hydration and feeding in an 8-hour race with 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 cycling and a marathon.

"You have to drink a liter and a half of water and eat 90 grams of carbohydrates every hour," says Prieto. Gómez Noya will take a gps that will mark the data. Its strong point is swimming and running. "He is not a time trialist and the rivals will try to blow up the bike section to take advantage of him. The strategy is to try to be alive at the start of the swim to catch the leading group; if there are cuts and the stronger swimmers leave, try to get to the feet and if the pace is good to continue there or take a rhythm according to the duration of the test. You can not sacrifice your potential by improving 30-40 seconds in the water but you have to catch a high but comfortable rhythm. The bike will be difficult because you have to measure what is the ideal intensity to take advantage of your potential on foot. You have to maintain a high level, without getting burned. Here wins the one that best manages the energy system. In the marathon, once seen the differences of time with the rivals, it will react. You can not leave at a high rate because you do not finish, "says the technician.

With the loss due to Jan Frodeno's injury, Gómez Noya's biggest rivals are Patrick Lange (last year's winner), Lionel Sanders (second last year), Frederik Van Lierde and Iván Raña.

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