May 18, 2021

Gómez Noya parks the Ironman to try to win gold at the Tokyo Games

Gómez Noya parks the Ironman to try to win gold at the Tokyo Games

«The body now asks me for the Olympic Games», he confesses Javier Gómez Noya at a breakfast at the headquarters in Madrid of Banco Santander, an entity of which he is an ambassador. So he solved the dilemma: he wants to be in Tokyo 2020, after having been all 2018 competing in long distance events and training for the bestiality of swimming 3.8 kilometers, riding a 180 bike and running a marathon on foot, all followed. The highlight was the Ironman of Hawaii, in Kona, the most famous in the world, in which he finished eleventh. He did not leave the result completely satisfied. He wanted more. «The experience was good. It's a complicated race that you have to know. It is particular due to atmospheric conditions. I risked on the bike and paid for it. I played to win. Maybe if it had been more conservative I would have had a better result, but I would not have had the chance to win », explains the Galician triathlete. The challenge remains pending. Will return to Kona «sure». But he hopes to do so after 2020. The experience of long-distance triathlons has served to disconnect him mentally. "After so many years, the body sometimes asks you for a change," he admits. But now it takes the Olympic route (the races are 1,500 meters long, 40 kilometers by bike and 10 kilometers), which was truncated four years ago at the last moment. A Rio 2016 was going to arrive as one of the favorites for the title, but a fall in a training session threw it all into the fray. He could not go for a fracture in his left elbow. Four years before, in London, it was silver, sneaking between the two British brothers Brownlee, Alistair and Jonathan.

«I want to see if I am competitive and try to qualify for Tokyo», says Gómez Noya. Go back to the trainings of all life, with some novelty, to know where you are. By his head round which tests to dispute of the World Series (it will go safe to Bermuda, Yokohama and Leeds), will be present also in the World-wide one of Long distance of 2019, although it is not prepared specifically for it, but it is that it is going away to dispute in home, in Pontevedra, in the month of May, and will go to the test test to be held in Tokyo itself in August and that is one of the options to qualify directly for the Games. The others are the Olympic ranking and then there is a place at the discretion of the coach. Once in the capital of Japan, if it arrives, the aspiration is the maximum. «I do not want to go to Tokyo to go. If I do it is to aspire to the maximum, but I have to see me, because after a year in the long distance you do not know », he says. Therefore, "no" signs the bronze. "Maybe later it would be a great result, it's an Olympic medal, but I do not sign the bronze because I aspire to the maximum," he says. Gold, therefore, would be the culmination of his great Olympic career.

Gómez Noya, therefore, will return to compete against Mario Mola, his friend, winner of the last three World Cups. Noya conquered the previous three, and two others. He has five. «It is a pride to share careers with him. Although I am younger, for me it is a reference too. The relationship with Mario goes beyond pure competition and as much as time passes we are friends although, of course, the day of the race is the rival to beat, "explains the Galician triathlete.


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