Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Gómez Noya parks the Ironman and returns to the Olympic distance for Tokyo | sports

Gómez Noya parks the Ironman and returns to the Olympic distance for Tokyo | sports

Javier Gómez Noya announced this morning that he will return to the Olympic triathlon distance to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Fourth in Beijing 2008, second in London 2012, he could not compete in Rio 2016 because, one month before the Olympic event, broke the head of the radio in a bicycle workout. He had to say goodbye to the dream of the gold medal. Five times world champion (2008, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015), in 2018 he decided to face new challenges. He left the Olympic distance to prepare the Ironman. In Hawaii, in October, he was eleventh in the summit.

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"I have decided to return to the short distances and the world series to try to qualify for Tokyo, I want to see how I respond now in the Olympic distance, if I look competitive I will look for the qualification for the Games, I do not want to go just to participate", commented the Spanish, aged 35, at a breakfast organized by Banco Santander and after training in the morning at Blume.

Do you parked the Ironman? They asked him. "A Kona will return, sooner or later, it will depend on the performance in short distance, 2018 was a different year, in Kona you know that it was not as I would have liked ... I made a mistake and I paid dearly, I risked too much on the bike. great experience, "he replied. A Kona, yes, will return after the Olympic year. "To combine the two things is complicated, the competitions will put me in my place, now I am going to focus on short distance, I will do Ironman media, that is, because it is good training for the short one," he added.

Gómez Noya says that the year he dedicated to the Ironman served to charge batteries. "After 15 years in the short distances I needed to refresh the mind, the body asked me for a change, the learning was very good, it helped me to know myself much better, to get out of my comfort zone, I learned from myself. It is more complicated than it seems, there are factors that in the short distance do not have relevance and in a long time, besides, competing with different rivals always motivates ", he says.

"Now I have decided to try again with the idea of ​​Tokyo," he says. In August, in Tokyo there is a test-test that gives direct place. There the triathlete will compete.

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