Gómez Noya, eleventh in the Ironman of Hawaii

Gómez Noya, eleventh in the Ironman of Hawaii

The Spanish triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, five-time world champion and Olympic silver in London 2012, finished in the eleventh position the prestigious Kona Ironman, in Hawaii (United States), a test in which the German Patrick Lange revalidated the title to complete the course below eight hours.

The Galician, who competed for the first time in the tough date of the Pacific Islands, was 37 seconds into the 'top 10' of the test, in which for the first time someone managed to get off the eight o'clock barrier hours. After almost 4 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling and a marathon, Lange crowned champion again in the 40th edition of the race with a mark of 7:52:39.

Also the second classified, the Belgian Bart Aernouts, managed to enter that rank (7:56:41), while the Scottish David McNamee (8:01:09) climbed to the third drawer of the podium. The other Spaniard in the event, the also Galician Ivan Raña, world champion in 2002, finished twenty-fifth, at 35:14 of the winner (8:27:52).

After a good stretch of swimming, the Ferrolan came out fifth of the water and remained in the top positions of the race, along with Lange and the New Zealander Braden Currie -final at the end-, on the bike, all behind the Australian Cameron Wurf, which marked the record of section -4: 09: 06-. Only in the last kilometers of the distance cyclist gave time with his rivals to face the marathon with 45 seconds of disadvantage.

After crossing the equator on foot, Gómez Noya lost momentum and finally crossed the finish line with a time of 8:11:41. Long before Lange had arrived, he kept his promise to ask his girlfriend if he set a new record in the Hawaiian date.

Daniela Ryf pulverizes the women's record

In the women's event, the Swiss Daniela Ryf won for the fourth consecutive year, this time with a spectacular mark of 8:26:18, which pulverizes the previous record of the race in more than 20 minutes. The Swiss athlete herself had set the previous time of 8:46:46 in 2016.

Ryf found no opposition and crossed the finish line alone with more than ten minutes ahead of the second classified, the English Lucy Charles (8:36:34), and more than 15 on the third, the German Anne Haug (8 : 41: 58).


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