January 18, 2021

Goldman Sachs takes off his tie and leaves the suit in the closet

Goldman Sachs takes off his tie and leaves the suit in the closet


Businesses are no longer what they were, they must have thought about Goldman Sachs. This investment bank has announced that it relaxes the entity's dress code, an unusual measure as it is a company in which bankers and partners wear custom suits. In an internal note, the entity has justified this change in "the changing nature of workplaces, in general, in favor of a more informal environment."

The note has been sent to the 36,000 workers that has Goldman and has been drafted jointly by the executive president David Solomon, next to the financial president Stephen Scherr and the one of operations, John Waldron.

To date, this investment bank demanded a formal dress for any management, although since 2017 has opened the hand in the case of workers in the technology division and digital business. What has generated friction between those who dressed more simply and those who wore suits at bay.

It is also not alien to the previous competition of the great Wall Street banks like Goldman with the technology companies or hedge funds, by the better prepared workers since the latter offer more relaxed work environments.

Similarly, this update of the dress code is also due to the different nature of its workforce. The circumstance occurs that more than 75% of Goldman employees were born after 1981 and belongs to the Millennial or Z generations.


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