July 30, 2021

Goldman Sachs and Norges Bank raise their stake in Dia against the rumors of Opa

Goldman Sachs and Norges Bank raise their stake in Dia against the rumors of Opa



Goldman Sachs has strengthened its commitment to Dia and has raised its stake to 15,790%, while Norges Bank has followed this trend and reinforced its weight up to 5.286%, as recorded in the records of the National Securities Commission (CNMV).

These movements have taken place after the Letterone Investment fund, in which the Russian millionaire Mikhail Fridman participates, has increased its participation from 25% to 29%, being one step away from the threshold of 30% that, according to current market legislation, requires launching a public takeover bid (OPA) of shares over 100% of the company.

Specifically, the US bank, Dia's second shareholder, has distributed its current participation between an indirect 1.515%, equivalent to a total of 9.42 million shares, and a remaining 14.275% through financial instruments.

On the other hand, Norges Bank it has increased its participation in the company chaired by Ana María Llopis from 4.925% to 5.286%, divided between 2.732% indirectly, equivalent to a total of 17 million shares, and the remaining 2.554% through financial instruments.

It's about the ssecond shareholding movement this week the Norwegian bank, since last Monday reduced its presence in the supermarket chain to 4.925% for two days after raising it again.

Letterone has consolidated its position of maximum shareholder of the company with 29% of the share capital, followed by Goldman Sachs (15.790%) and Baillie Gifford & Co. (8.571%). The shares of Dia advanced 2.21% around 13:30 and were exchanged at a price of 2.03 euros per share.


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