May 10, 2021

Golden Globes widely distributed for television awards | TV

Golden Globes widely distributed for television awards | TV

In this television era in which more series than ever, awards such as Golden Globes can be used to put in the showcase titles that have gone too unnoticed in the middle of the jungle of channels and platforms. They also point to trends and fashions. And, in addition, serve to do justice to productions that deserved better luck. The latter has been the case of the Golden Globe for the best drama, a prize that in its last season has won The Americans.

The thriller of spies – which in Spain has been seen in Fox – has followed for six seasons the life of a couple of Russian spies living in Washington as if it were a US couple more. Despite having had the support of the critics in their journey, the awards had resisted until his farewell has arrived. The Emmys rewarded both the script of the last chapter and the performance of Matthew Rhys, star along with Keri Russell. The Golden Globes have directly put the stamp of best drama of the year. Curious, too, this recognition in a few awards that tend to prefer news as were all their opponents in this category: Homecoming, Killing Eve, Pose Y Bodyguard.

In a few widely distributed awards, The Kominsky method (Netflix) has managed to win two statuettes. The best comedy of the year for the Golden Globes has also earned him an award for Michael Douglas as a leading actor in comedy. A story of friendship in the third age that dares to make humor with issues such as death or illness and that combines laughter and tears from tenderness and entertainment. Behind her, the head of titles such as The Big Bang Theory or Two and a half Men, Chuck Lorre, who had not yet received any Emmys or any Golden Globe during his career.

After the success of American Crime Story in 2017 with its first season focused on the trial of O.J. Simpson, who received two Golden Globes, the delivery that has told the story of the Gianni Versace's killer (in Spain it has been seen in Antena 3 and Netflix) has given two other prizes to this anthology that competes in the category of miniseries. Darren Criss has picked up the award for best actor miniseries star for his portrayal of murderer Andrew Cunanan and serves to make a portrait of homophobia in the nineties.

With the award to Richard Madden as best leading actor in drama for Bodyguard, the Golden Globes have pointed to the phenomenon that has been the thriller produced by the BBC with which the British public broadcaster achieved a great audience success and has exported Netflix. Another of the featured series of 2018 was Killing Eve (on HBO Spain), for which Sandra Oh, presenter of the gala, received the award for best drama actress of the year. The game of cat and mouse starring a hit woman played by Jodie Comer (who, surprisingly, was not nominated) and the agent of British intelligence that gives life Sandra Oh.

In her thanks for the Golden Globe, Patricia Arquette highlighted the process of makeup and characterization for her performance. The actress is totally unrecognizable to give life to a prison officer who helps two prisoners to escape from prison in Fuga in Dannemora (in Movistar +), series based on real events directed by Ben Stiller and with Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano completing the trio protagonist.

It also had representation in the awards another of the great miniseries of the year, A Very English Scandal (on Amazon Prime Video). This production tells the true story of the first British politician prosecuted for conspiring to murder. And he does it with a good dose of humor and rhythm of thriller in three entertaining episodes starring Hugh Grant, who was left without a prize, and with a great Ben Whishaw who has had recognition.

No surprises the Globe for Patricia Clarkson for giving life to the disturbing Adora de Open wounds (HBO Spain), a woman full of ghosts and darkness that moves those around her. Repeat, and also without surprises, Rachel Brosnahan, star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Video), which already took the prize for the first season of the series and has returned to pick it up with the new round of chapters, recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video.


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