June 18, 2021

Golden Globes: Five things to look for in the Golden Globes 2019 | Culture

Golden Globes: Five things to look for in the Golden Globes 2019 | Culture

The 2019 awards season in Hollywood officially begins this Sunday (in Beverly Hills, at 5:00 pm local time) with the Golden Globes, in an edition that has it difficult to offer a clear winner. The best films of the year do not come out of these awards, but there are a couple of good recommendations from the films that the average viewer should not miss before the Oscars arrive. This year it will be difficult for the Golden Globes to clarify things and point out to the public who the Hollywood favorites are. The nominations are unusually distributed between many titles and the strategy of having two categories in the main prizes (drama and comedy, without much logic in the cast) basically allows nominating almost everyone and awarding double. But they will serve to measure the possibilities of the strongest bets of the year, A star has been born Y Rome, and of all those that aspire to dispute the great prizes, as The vice of power, Black Panther Y Green Book. The game board for this Sunday can be summarized as follows:

What is the scope of 'Rome' in Hollywood?

The year in cinema began with Black Panther as a great phenomenon. In late summer, the US public was inundated by the promotion of A star has been born. The last two months have been Rome, the extraordinary autobiographical drama of Alfonso Cuarón, who thanks to the power of Netflix has suffocatingly invaded the whole conversation about cinema in Hollywood. The poster occupies marquees and billboards throughout the city. The goal is to get her to be nominated at the Oscars for the best film despite being filmed in Spanish. It is the most critically acclaimed film this year and a true phenomenon in the city of cinema. After winning the Golden Lion in Venice, he has won prizes from critics in New York and Los Angeles. The awards of the Association of the Foreign Press of Hollywood this Sunday are not going to serve to measure if it is getting it. Rome can not compete in better drama in the Balloons because it is not shot in English. The victory in the category of best foreign film is taken for granted. However, it could be the great winner of the Globes, since it is nominated for the best script and director. You can never compare the Globes with the Oscars or draw conclusions from one to the other. But the votes of the Oscars open this Monday. Seeing Alfonso Cuarón raise three times to collect prizes (foreign film, director and script) the night before would be the most powerful promotion that can be.

Blockbuster duel

If we understand the movie of the year as the most talked about and the one that has made the most noise in the press (and that is not Rome), those are A star is born, Black Panther and Inflitrado in the KKKlan within the category of drama. And of those three, the first two have been the real blockbusters. There are no small gems to discover to the public as Moonlight or The Florida project. The duel this year moves directly from the box office to the awards among films that almost everyone has seen. A star has been born Part as a favorite in that category because it has been a true box office and criticism phenomenon, but it is a bad year to make predictions. Until The blues of Beal Street It would be a reasonable winner. The same in comedy, where the movie with the most nominations of the night, The vice of power, compete with Green Book, The favorite, Crazy rich asians Y The return of Mary Poppins. Adam McKay's sour political comedy about vice president (2001-2009) Dick Cheney is also nominated for directing and script and all of his actors, led by a shocking Christian Bale. Single Green Book Y The favourite They seem in a position to take away the prize. As only Viggo Mortensen seems a serious competitor to Bale.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, the couple of the year

The couple of the year, without nuances, is that of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A star has been born. Both are nominated and have good chances in the drama category. Few argue that their work has traveled to the Oscars, where only on seven occasions has the protagonist couple received two prizes. Both will present at the gala and will be the most wanted couple on the red carpet. As for the prizes, if this year it is very risky to place bets between the films, it is much more between the actors. Cooper competes with Van Gogh of Willem Dafoe (At the gates of eternity), the Freddie Mercury of Rami Malek (Bohemian Rapsody) and the black police infiltrated in the KKK of John David Washington. Lady Gaga is measured with Glenn Close (The wife).

The real effect 'Ms. Maisel '

The 2018 Golden Globes were tasked with deciding which television series deserved the best comedy award in the year that was missing Veep and there was no clear series to reward. The chosen one was The marvelous Ms. Maisel. A few months later, the Emmys confirmed the election. However, the Golden Globes are prized in going ahead when it comes to discovering series. The second season of Ms. Maisel compete with great comedies as Barry, The good place Y The Kominsky method. None of them sounds like a long-distance series, but all of them can dispute Mrs. Maisel's site without problems. The most nominated television work this year is the miniseries The murder of Gianni Versace, an election in which the roles are exchanged and the Balloons follow the path of the Emmys.

#MeToo, one year later

In October of 2017, the fall of producer Harvey Weinstein unleashed a profound cultural shift against sexual harassment that originated in Hollywood and spread to countries and industries with enormous rapidity. The first scenario where the #MeToo movement had a face and speeches was that of the Golden Globes, only a couple of months after the scandal. The red carpet became a powerful speaker for movement. The victims of Weinstein came invited. The actresses dressed in black and #MeToo entered into millions of TVs in the hands of the biggest Hollywood stars. A year later, there seems to be a need to keep that spirit alive, but with less solemnity. The only gesture that has transcended is that some stars will have ties with the motto Time's Up x2. The organization Time's Up (it's over) is the fund created to pay legal assistance to women who report harassment. The second year of #MeToo also begins this Sunday.


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