Golden Globes: Ana de Armas, or how to fly from Cuba to the top of Hollywood | Culture

The 2005 movie A rose from France, of the director Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, had already chosen his cast when Ana de Armas arrived to change the plans. The filmmaker remembers the situation with laughter: “It appeared, and the truth is that it ended all.” The actress, then 17, won a role in the production with a waste of talent that seemed innate. “It is one of those rare cases that arise in the cinema in which the actor knows what he has to do without anyone telling him,” adds the director with whom the interpreter made himself known in Spain. Now, almost 15 years later, that same Ana de Armas (Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba, 31 years old) is the protagonist of a career that has brought her closer and closer to the top of the cinema in the United States.

His most recent role, that of nurse Marta Cabrera in Daggers in the back, which shares a screen with actors like Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Crhis Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis, He has earned her his first Golden Globe nomination in the category of best actress comedy or musical protagonist. The awards are delivered this Sunday in Los Angeles, before the watchful eye of Spain, represented by her, Antonio Banderas and the film Pain and glory, from Almodóvar, among the nominees, and from Cuba, where even the official government media highlights the race in the United States of the actress.

To get to Hollywood, apart from exhibiting his talent in front of the cameras, he has had to go through the uprooting of leaving the places that had become his home. Thus, he had to leave his friends and family from Cuba before arriving in Spain and give a first boost to his career. The situation was repeated when he left Madrid, after eight years, when selling his furniture to travel to the United States and take a high flight to a career of unsuspected success.

Without those decisions, the fame he now enjoys would have taken, at least, more time to arrive. Already in Hollywood he received the proposal to work in Stone hands, along with Robert de Niro, under the direction of Jonathan Jakubowicz. And he hasn’t stopped playing top-notch roles: Knock Knock, by Eli Roth, and Exposed, by Gee Malik Linton, in which he shared a poster with Keanu Reeves. And above all, Blade Runner 2049by Denis Villeneuve, where he worked with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

Its path of constant ascent does not seem to see a peak in 2020. After Daggers in the back, De Armas will repeat filming with Daniel Craig in No time to die, the new James Bond movie, number 25 of the saga of the famous spy. The advances reveal the actress with powerful firearms.

You also already have a place reserved to participate in Blonde, a biographical film about Marilyn Monroe produced by Netflix, based on the homonymous novel by the American writer Joyce Carol Oates. And there is more: along with Ben Affleck will participate in the adaptation that Adrian Lyne will make Deep water, Patricia Highsmith’s novel.

The amount of large-scale projects in which Ana de Armas works not only show an increasingly striking actress for directors, but also a chameleonic performer who makes versatility one of her great virtues. That explains why he can get into the skin of a diva like Marilyn Monroe, a courageous and fearful nurse like Marta Cabrera, or the bond girl in a much more exciting movie that will hit theaters this year.

Ana de Armas will undoubtedly be one of the centers of attention of the ceremony of the Golden Globes this Sunday. Although part of his head, surely, is in Havana, where his parents live, whom he calls by phone to tell them all his triumphs. As he said in an interview last November, they are happy that she has a job. And an incalculable fame in another era.


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