April 16, 2021

Gold and progress? Give me the benefit of the doubt | Babelia

Gold and progress? Give me the benefit of the doubt | Babelia

Pako Merino and Diego Lorca cook over low heat. For 19 years they met at the Parisian school of Jacques Lecoq, have released five shows of reflective humor about mental illness, war, death and family secrets. Each of them takes between one year and eighteen months of invoice. The ditch, the most recent one, speaks of the recurrence of the past in the struggles between plunderers and plundered. Through comings and goings from the present to the sixteenth century and from America to Europe, the founders of Titzina Teatre They relate the landing of a gold mining multinational in a peaceful Peruvian town, the dialectic struggle between its philosophical mayor and the negotiating technician sent from Spain and the fatal drift that events take soon.

While the confrontation between these characters is brewing, Lorca and Merino paint a fresh customs of rural life, make a sketch of the radical changes that in the peasantry produces the influx of investment capital, accurately cite the euphemistic lexicon with which it is usually put on makeup this kind of business and revive the struggle between Francisco Pizarro and Atahualpa, the current parent. "Without accepting the inheritance it is impossible to forge a destiny," Alfredo, the mayor, comes to tell Miquel, his antagonist, forced to postpone once again his immediate return to Spain.

Written after living in Peru with miners of a transnational, representatives of NGOs and residents harmed by the exploitation of open-pit deposits, this show is held over the text to a greater extent than Titzina's previous ones, characterized by the virtuosity of their language. verbal. It is more ambitious and dispersed than Exitus, less round, but at the end it is dialectical and leaves its mark. Admire how two solo actors are populating the scene of a wide stream of characters that permeate the mood of the viewer. In the spatial jumps and the narrative time, but also in the constant mutations of the comedians, the work of Titzina evokes that of Robert Lepage. The ditch It is well equipped with discourse, which is not fully translated into action even if it puts the index on the spot.

The ditch. Authors, directors and interpreters: Diego Lorca and Pako Merino. Salamanca: Liceo Theater, February 2. Medina del Campo (Valladolid): Municipal Auditorium, February 3. Sopelana (Vizcaya): Kurtzio-Kultur Etxea, February 8. Basauri (Vizcaya): February 9. San Sebastian: Gazteszena (Egia), February 10. Zamora: Teatro Principal, February 13. Soria: Palace of the Audience Theater, February 14. Ponferrada (León): Bergidum Theater, February 15. Benavente (/ Zamora): Reina Sofia Theater, February 16. Barcelona: Sala Villarroel, from 2 to 22 April.


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