Goirigolzarri inaugurates round of witnesses in the trial for the Bankia case

Goirigolzarri inaugurates round of witnesses in the trial for the Bankia case

The president of Bankia, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, opens this Wednesday in the National Court the statements of witnesses proposed by the parties in the trial for the IPO of the entity, which after almost four months enters its intermediate phase.

Among the possible questions to which he will have to answer would be what was the situation in which the bank was at the time of his arrival, in May 2012, and the reasons why his team decided to reformulate the annual accounts of 2011 that passed to throw losses close to 3,000 million euros.

According to legal sources, the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber has agreed to devote an entire session to its interrogation as it will happen next Monday with the former governor of the Bank of Spain Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, the second to take the floor .

Both are, at the moment, the only ones cited by the court chaired by judge Ángela Murillo, who must announce whether or not to accept the request to declare by videoconference from Frankfurt of the former Minister of Economy and current vice president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Luis de Guindos.

It will not be the first time that Goirigolzarri testifies in this case, not in vain on February 21, 2013 and told the then examining judge Fernando Andreu that he accepted the reins of Bankia for "personal responsibility" because deny the reality of the entity and put " Behind the curve "I was not going anywhere.

On that occasion, in which he appeared for almost three hours, he explained that he received a call from De Guindos to encourage him to take office the same day that Rato resigned, who a few hours earlier had also telephoned him to propose his post. .

To questions of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office about why his plan of sanitation requested an aid of 19,000 million, Goirigolzarri defended that he had to "start from scratch" in his management, since in addition to the commission of that project he had to formulate some accounts with the seen Good from the auditor.

Similarly, he denied that there were accounting "deviations" in the real estate subsidiary, although he acknowledged that there were "unorthodox cases from the point of view of risks in a series of operations".

Although less frequent than those of the former Minister of Economy or those of former BBVA president Francisco González, the allusions to Goirigolzarri during the trial have not been lacking, especially in the extensive interrogation of Deloitte's partner, Francisco Celma.

The external auditor of Bankia recognized as only accounts those reformulated on May 25, 2012, with the new address at the head of the entity, which provided almost "the day after" of its entry all the documentation needed to issue its opinion on the financial statements at the end of 2011.


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