Goirigolzarri calls for clarity and legal security after the Supreme Court ruling

Goirigolzarri calls for clarity and legal security after the Supreme Court ruling

The president of Bankia, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, today asked, after the ruling of the Supreme Court (TS) on the tax on mortgages, "a context of clarity of rules." "We want to have a situation of legal security", he has responded on the position of the bank in relation to this matter.

He added that the bank is waiting for clarification of the situation, following the ruling of the third section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TS that determined that it was the bank, and not its clients, that should be made charge of the payment of the lien on the signature of a mortgage, a decision contradicted by an earlier one, of February of this year, which indicated the mortgaged as responsible for said rate.

To the question of the effects of this sentence, in an informal meeting with the Balearic press in Palma, Goirigolzarri said: "We are waiting for the clarification of the situation, we intend a context of legal security, and we are waiting of what the Supreme Court finally decides in the ruling that is set for the 5th of next month. "

"We are in the same situation that we were last Thursday, that is the legal context in which we are at that moment and we are behaving according to the conditions we had last Thursday, there has been no change", said in Palma Goirigolzarri on the action of Bankia after the ruling.

On what awaits the decision of day 5, said: "We want to have a situation of legal security and otherwise we have to be prudent in other types of trials."

On the other hand, Bankia has set the goal of increasing its market share in the Balearic Islands to 20.5% in the next three years, said Goirigolzarri.

"We have a very ambitious growth objective," the president of Bankia pointed out.

Bankia's strategic plan for the Balearic Islands is to grow "50 basis points", taking advantage of the fact that the economic environment in the Balearic Islands "is very expansive" and that, as pointed out, the bank has the financial, commercial and management capacity to improve its position between individuals and companies.


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