Going back to school represents between 20 and 30% of the salary of Spanish families

The September slope begins with the return to school for many families, since 8.2 million students return to classrooms -according to data from the Ministry of Education- after the summer holidays. Inflation, which remains rampant in Spain with a registered CPI of 10.8 in July and with no sign of normalizing, will be an added obstacle for the expenses of these dates. According to data from the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), families will spend an average of between 400 and 500 euros per student on school supplies, uniforms and other items, which will mean 60% more than at the beginning of the previous year. According to a study carried out by Privalia and Veepe, these costs will represent between 20 and 30% of families' salaries, one more indicator of how rising prices continue to erode consumers' savings and pockets. To be specified, the latest seasonal report from Cetelem on the spending intention of Spaniards for going back to school in 2022, indicates that 7 out of 10 Spaniards who make this type of purchase consider buying fewer products and taking advantage of materials from previous courses to reduce prices. costs. However, the rise in prices is also reflected in the fact that only 17% of those surveyed plan to spend less on back-to-school purchases, despite purchasing fewer products. The online shopping channel surpasses the physical The rise of online commerce after its boom during the pandemic remains in force during school purchases. This is reflected in a study carried out by eMarketer, where it is found that during the last Amazon 'Prime Day' 6% of purchases were for school products. It also points out that more than half of the orders for school supplies throughout the year in Spain are made in the summer due to the proliferation of sales and promotions. The Privalia and Veepe study indicates that 64% of families opt for the online channel to buy school supplies. In addition, 97% of those surveyed consult prices in various places, where online points of sale stand out as a reference for 87% of those surveyed compared to 57% of those who compare prices in traditional stationery stores. “More and more families are deciding to buy school supplies online. For this reason, in the 'marketplaces' in the categories of books and stationery, the best-selling items in summer tend to be school agendas and activity books »says the head of Marketing Strategy in Spain and Italy of the XChannel agency, Davide Gazzardi . Related News standard Yes Spanish families borrow twice as much as in 2020 to survive skyrocketing daily expenses Teresa Sánchez Vicente The demand for financing for consumption rises to 29.30%, 5.20% more than a year ago, According to Asufin For this reason, XChannel recommends small retail businesses to take advantage of the opportunities of 'marketplaces' -online points of sale of various providers- such as Amazon or Alibaba for the cost savings that it implies compared to physical commerce.

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