Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

"Going back to Barça is getting harder and harder"

Pau Gasol: “Volver al Barça es cada vez más difícil”

18 years ago, Pau Gasol abandoned the FC Barcelona to take the most important step of his career signing for the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. Since then, his possible return to the Palau has flown over the world of basketball. But at 38, the center of Sant Boi is aware that this desire is increasingly complicated to become a reality.

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The largest of the Gasol has spoken openly about the possibility of returning to Barça in the program NBA generation of Movistar and the azulgrana fans have taken a little disappointment to face reality. "As time goes by, it's harder. I want to continue playing in the NBA and as long as I can keep doing it, it's more complicated, "he explained.

Gasol recognizes that the door of Barça "is less and less open"

Recently signed by the Milwaukee Bucks, with whom he will try to win his third championship ring in the playoffs that are about to start, Gasol has admitted that his possible return to Barça "is something that has been commented on a lot since I left in the 2001 and it's something that I've always said would be nice, that I'd be excited. " Of course, practically discarded: "Never say never but that door is increasingly less open," he concluded.

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