Goes free to white tuna fishing in the Canary Islands - The Province

Goes free to white tuna fishing in the Canary Islands - The Province

Canarian fishermenThey will be able to catch albacore tuna from 00:00 on Thursday, October 11, after the efforts made by the regional government with the fishermen of the archipelago before the central executive.

The reopening of the fishing of the white tuna for the Canarian fishermen becomes effectiveafter last August 16 the central government announced the final closureof this fishery as of August 23 for Spanish vessels after the Spanish quota has been exhausted.

However, after an exchange with Portugal, Spain once again has quota for catches of this species in Atlantic Ocean waters, according to the Canarian Government.

In this regard, the Canarian Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water, Narvay Quintero, said that the demands of the regional government and the fishing sector of the archipelago since last August, in various meetings and communications, urging the central government to establish Agreements with other countries to achieve an increase in the national quota have culminated with this opening that will enable the capture of this tuna on its return to the south.

The catches of white tuna in the Canary Islands reached the 2.397 tons in the year 2017, which represented 16 percent of the national quota; while in 2016 they were 4,958 (33.2%) and in 2015 they stood at 2,708 tons (15.3%).

In any case, "very far" of the approximately 600 tons registered before the precautionary closure, since in its migratory cycle it had mostly been heading to other latitudes, whose fleets have benefited from its catches.

At this moment, the Canarian fishermenthey denounced that when the passage of the albacore increased by waters near the islands they could not capture them for having completed the quotaand fishing for this species would be prohibited until the end of the year.

Finally, Quintero said that this issue aims to address it with the central government for upcoming campaigns to "articulate an instrument that avoids these imbalances, which have serious consequences for fishermen and for a sector that generates employment and economy "on the islands and on which many families depend." What we demand is that a specific quota be established for the Canary fishing ground, "he said.


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