"Goddesses of Hollywood", women with feet of clay that made the world dream

"Goddesses of Hollywood", the latest book by the journalist Cristina Morató, reels the life of Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor women with glamor that made the world dream, women of flesh and blood in search of love and with A hard personal life far from his dreamlike image.

"The four were the most admired, seductive and box office stars of their time. They had a legion of fans and starred in romantic sounds with attractive and powerful men," explains Morató, a great fan of classic cinema from the golden age of Hollywood, who He discovered in them women "with a life much more intense and dramatic than that of their characters."

They seemed to have it all, but beyond that world of luxury and splendor that surrounded them, the author acknowledges having discovered "goddesses with muddy feet", with a life marked by loneliness, their childhood, their families, divorces , abuse and addictions.

Morató describes them as shy, vulnerable and very insecure who only "wanted to be loved" and also shared filming and also lovers.

Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly met in the filming of "Mogambo", months full of avatars that made them great friends. Ava Gardner was still married to Frank Sinatra when Elizabeth Taylor lived an adventure with the singer, whom she had been an admirer since childhood. However, both also ended up being very good friends.

Precisely, his early years and adolescence were marked by controlling fathers and mothers who exploited them as artists for their benefit. Especially bleeding was the case of Rita Hayworth, daughter of the Spanish dancer Eduardo Cansino, who abused her and forced her to leave school to form an artistic partner with him in "sleazy local Tijuana."

Women who yearned for love, but who, as Ava Gardner said, "we always fall in love with the wrong men." "The problem was that, in many cases, their partners fell in love with the 'sex symbol' of the big screen, captivated by the beauty and sensuality they gave off, but in real life they were not those" goddesses of love, "says Cristina Morató.

Prince Ali Kahn fell in love with Rita Hayworth when he saw her perform in "Blood and Sand", where she gave life to a beautiful and passionate woman named Dona Sol. They got married at a lavish wedding, "the problem was that in real life Rita she was a simple, shy and homely woman whose only dream was to start a family. "

"Men go to bed with Gilda and get up with me," the actress once said. She always hated Gilda's character that "would forever mark his destiny and his relationship with men."

The great producers of the time acted as insensitive despots that "abused and exploited" young actresses to the point of deciding on their lives, "their marriages, divorces and abortions."

"Harry Cohn behaved like today's Harvey Weinstein. He became obsessed with Rita in such a way that he put microphones in his dressing room. They all paid a high price for reaching the top," says the journalist, who reveals that Elizabeth Taylor's life "is perhaps the one that surprised me the most".

"In addition to a magnificent actress, she was a survivor with a medical history difficult to match and the only one who finally knew how to take charge of her life." Before he turned forty, he had already operated on it twenty-seven times and had almost died four times.

An actress who said goodbye to the cinema but amassed greater fortune as a successful businesswoman. "Unlike other stars in disgrace or ruined, she could enjoy a comfortable and well attended old age. She lived as a child on the great stage of the world without hiding her passions and weaknesses; that's why the public never abandoned her," Morató said. .

Rivals on the screen, none seemed to be jealous of the others "or at least they never confessed", as soon as they could leave Los Angeles "and none regretted".

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