“Go to hell”, the words of a person who was told to put on the mask in the Canary Islands

The National PoliceHe has identified and stopped the man who attacked a toilet last Thursday in the Madrid Metro because asked him to put on the mask. The nurse has lost part of the vision of one of his eyes because of the strong blow to the face. It’s about a 19 year old young man to which a serious injury crime, the Police has informed in a press release.

This fact has caused quite a stir and has not gone unnoticed in the fifth wave of the Covid-19. The Head of Public Health Epidemiology of the Government of the Canary Islands, Amós García Rojas, which in an interview on the COPE Gran Canaria channel recalled a similar event, but which fortunately did not have such dire consequences.

As happened in the suburban of the Spanish capital, Rojas confessed that a person confronted him after making a similar request. “I’ve been lucky enough that he stayed in a ‘go to hell’. I do not understand at all what conditions a person to react like this, “he says.

He says that he “kindly” asked him to put on the mask, since he was in breach of current regulations to fight Covid-19. “It is a logical requirement, in a pandemic context and made by a health worker, I do not understand that reaction,” he adds.

“When you cannot maintain interpersonal distance outdoors, you will have to put on a mask”, Rojas sentence that recalls the importance of individual responsibility and insists on the need to maintain the measures and thus combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Listen to the full interview at COPE Gran Canaria.

Covid data for this Monday, July 19

Canarias has registered 610 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, so that the accumulated total in the archipelago rises to 69,992, while the deceased remain in the 802 by not registering any on the last day, according to data from the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government.

So from total cases, 8,566 are active (+170), of which 53 are admitted to the ICU (+6), 319 remain hospitalized (+32) and 8,194 are at their homes (+132). In addition, 440 people have received medical discharge in the last hours, in such a way that 60,624 canaries have overcome the disease so far as a pandemic.

As for the Accumulated Incidence (AI) at 7 days in the Canary Islands, it increases to 195.22 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the AI ​​at 14 days increases to 336.82 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition A total of 1,731,110 PCR tests have been carried out on the islands, of which 92,902 were positive, representing 5.37 percent.

By islands, Tenerife it adds 362 positives, accumulating 33,285 cases, of which 5,332 are epidemiologically active (+117), 451 have died and 27,502 have overcome the disease; Gran canaria It has 26,184 accumulated (+183), of which 2,505 are active (+74), 277 have died and 23,402 received medical discharge.

For its part, Lanzarote it adds eight positives, with 5,933 accumulated, of which 154 are active (+2), while it has registered 49 deaths and 5,730 overcame the disease; Fuerteventura It has 3,096 accumulated cases (+32), of which 378 are active (-19), 13 died and 2,705 received medical discharge; Y La Palma It adds 22 new cases, for which it has 800 accumulated, of which 155 are active (+5), seven have died and 638 have received medical discharge.

Finally, El Hierro a new case and accumulates 408, of which 15 are active (-5), four have died and 389 have overcome the disease; while La Gomera adds four new positives, for which accumulates 285 cases, of which 27 are active, one has died and 257 have received medical discharge.

07 19 2021 15:16

Gran canaria has 183 more cases this Monday, and 2,505 active. For its part, Lanzarote adds eight positives, with 5,933 accumulated and 154 assets; Y Fuerteventura has 3,096 accumulated cases, with 32 more than the previous day, and 378 active.

07 19 2021 15:16

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