March 7, 2021

“Go! Live your way ”goes from the small screen to the theater

The fan phenomenon of the series transmitted by Netflix “Go! Live your way ” it exploded in Argentina when it was taken from the Internet to Opera House. With all the tickets sold in the first three functions, music and dancing conquered hundreds of boys in Buenos Aires. The young Madrid musical theater actor, Daniel Rosado (Nico for the fans) said that he is delighted with the Buenos Aires public: “As a Spanish coming here I had incredible support and reception. I felt a lot of love from the people, I noticed it when I arrived ”.

The Argentine web series reaped successes immediately, since at the end of the first season the contract was renewed for a second that will follow the life of Mia, the protagonist, talented for music He got a scholarship to study at the prestigious and expensive art school, Saint Mary to fulfill his dreams of being an artist. Although it is still waiting for Netflix to release the possibility of making a third installment. Meanwhile, the live show filled its little spectators with joy that grabbed their seats to try to contain the exaltation. In this sense, Dani related the same feeling when he meets an admirer: “They see you walking down the street and they look at you with a face of emotion that makes my hair stand on end. The truth is that the feeling that fans leave you is great. ”

Doors inside the show kitchen, the camaraderie is not missing, to be his first time working in Argentina, Dani said that "I could not do better, I have a group of friends from the cast who are very good people and do a very good job." The casting brought together a large number of young Hispanic-American actors who provide an interesting condiment to the language, although the clear things: “I am always the 'Gallego', with me they all laugh at the eses, the ces and there are Argentine words that are confused a lot, but I got used to it, ”he said with a laugh.

At the production level, Dani explained that the series gave them a role much more protagonist to the secondary characters in the second season. “They started to take a little more importance and that's where I saw everything exploded. I went out singing and dancing, and recording in the theater has been an experience where you learn a lot to do the job quickly, be simple, don't go around the bush, without improvising and going to the goal, ”he said.

In fact, the theater was what struck him the most. Prior to the premiere of the show, he pointed out something that “I have not seen in my life: it is a show that so far does not know much about him, that nothing has been seen and seeing how many people are supporting him is incredible. As far as I knew, the first three functions were all sold and not yet done. ”

With so much work, when Dani has a free space he uses it to rest from rehearsals and recordings. Although he admitted that he would love to travel around the city a little more, what he liked most about Argentina was “get up on a Sunday, open the window and smell the city roast. I get up hungry. ”

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