Gmail deactivate the preview of those who use several inboxes – La Provincia

Googlehas announced that from February 20 will begin to extend the new update of Gmail that will deactivate the message preview panel to those users who use several inboxes.

The email application ofG SuiteIt will renew its interface in its next update, scheduled for February 20 and that administrators can schedule until March 5, as Google explains in a statement.

When the update begins to extend, the preview panels will be deactivated in the accounts that useSeveral inboxes.This update will only affect those users who have multiple trays under one account.

However, users who want to continue using the preview panel, renamed as a reading panel, will have to use one type of inbox instead of several. The user will have to accessSettings> Inbox> Type of Inbox.

On the other hand with the Gmail update, the configuration of multiple inboxes will be relocated within the Inboxes tab. In addition to this update you can activate and deactivate thereading panelfrom the settings to make reading and writing emails faster.

This update will also introduce theindividual scroll barsfor multiple inboxes, which will allow you to navigate through each of the trays separately. Furthermore, from that date on, the size of each of the reading panels can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Finally, thisupgradeIt will incorporate a single toolbar for multiple inboxes. This will allow users to perform actions across multiple sections and ensure that the tools work correctly.


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