Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

GM, Ford and Toyota create a consortium on autonomous vehicle safety

GM, Ford and Toyota create a consortium on autonomous vehicle safety

General Motors (GM), the Ford Group and Toyota announced on Wednesday the creation, together with SAE International, of the Consortium for the Safety of Automated Vehicles (AVSC) for the development of safety in cars without a driver.

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The three manufacturers and SAE International said they will use the knowledge acquired by all of them "to establish a set of safety guiding principles for automated vehicles that will help the development of standards."

The AVSC said in a statement announcing its creation that will work on the deployment of autonomous vehicles of levels 4 and 5, which are the most advanced in the automation of traffic and do not require drivers to act.

SAE International, a global association of engineers, has been the group that has defined the five levels of automated driving.

The consortium indicated that it is open to other groups joining AVSC in the future and that the first thing they will do is establish a "priority roadmap" for developers, manufacturers and integrators of automated vehicle technologies.

Randy Visintainer, Ford's chief technology officer, said the consortium's goal "is to work with industry and government partners to accelerate the development of standards that can lead to the production of standards."

For his part, John Capp, director of GM Global Vehicle Safety, said they are "eager to share" their experience in this consortium and collaborate with other companies to "realize the true benefits of this technology."

At present, vehicles including levels 0 to 2 circulate on the roads, which have automated systems such as assisted braking or maintenance in the lane, but require the driver to take care of the steering wheel, brakes or acceleration for operate safely.

Edward Straub, executive director of AVSC, stated that "being able to advance the safe deployment of SAE 4 and 5 automated vehicle levels represents another exciting chapter in the realization of autonomous mobility and the benefits it will provide to people throughout the world. world".

"To achieve these benefits, the collaboration of the sector, cohesion and flexibility to merge new ideas with proven security processes is fundamental, which is why we are forming AVSC and announcing our roadmap," added Straub.

Kelly Kay, director of security for Toyota, explained that "the collaboration of the sector in areas that are the foundations of automated driving systems and automated vehicles, such as infrastructure and social systems, is a significant step to achieve the safe deployment of vehicles. autonomous. "


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