August 9, 2020

Glovo would be willing to adapt to an "aggressive" regulation and rule out leaving Spain | Economy

The founder of BalloonOscar Pierre said on Friday that "it would be very hard" to have to abide by an "aggressive" regulation that would force the company to hire its distributors, who currently work under the autonomous regime. However, he has admitted that the company "would have to adapt." This scenario, according to Pierre, would require increasing rates to customers and restaurants, diversifying and investing more in other countries, but "in no case" would imply the closure of the company in Spain, the company's country of origin and where it is a leader. The pressure on Glovo for its labor model has been increasing after knowing the minutes of the Labor inspection that, pending judicial resolution, would require paying 3.8 million euros in Barcelona and almost 12 million in all Spain. Glovo rejects that there is an employment relationship with the distributors, and asks the Government to regulate the figure of the autonomous worker of digital platforms.

The battle of Glovo to strengthen your work model, based on collaboration with autonomous distributors, takes place in the courts and also in political conversations to achieve a sector-specific regulation, all under the pressure of the Labor Inspectionor. As he advanced The newspaper, the inspection has required Glovo more than 3.8 million euros in installments of Social Security arrears for having hired what it considers false self-employed, an amount that, according to TV-3, amounts to almost 12 million in the whole of Spain.

The company, which took the record of the proceedings to the courts, expects that at the beginning of next year a court in Barcelona will rule on this inspection, so that for now the fine is frozen and the company continues to operate with the model of self-employed. If the inspection is confirmed, Pierre has ensured that the company "will comply with what it has to comply with, and adapt its model."

In this sense, he has ruled out leaving Spain, an option chosen by another digital platform, Uber, when he ran into the regulations of the Generalitat. "For us Spain is the most important market, in no scenario would we leave, although we would have to invest more in other countries," Pierre explained in a meeting with journalists.

However, the founder has considered that a judicial resolution against the company, and a regulation that would require hiring employees "would not be beneficial to anyone." Glovo, as well as other platforms that make up the ADigital association, has held talks with political parties and with the Government of Pedro Sánchez to request regulation of the sector. The company bases its proposal on the French model, which, they explain, has created a figure of the "digital entrepreneur", which gives more coverage to workers who have more links with a platform, but which guarantees the flexibility of schedules. To advance this proposal, digital companies ask for a stable government. "We had the opportunity to have a dialogue with the Ministry of Labor last week, and we suggested that our model is another level of flexibility. It is a shame that everything is being judged, I think the dialogue will start from now on," he said. Featured Pierre.


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