Glovo: "It would be a chore if the Supreme force us to hire the delivery guys" | Economy

The working model of delivery companies such as Glovo or Deliveroo is in question in Spain. The Labor Inspectorate has questioned it, the unions denounce that these platforms they use false self-employed and the few cases that have reached the courts have obtained disparate results. Oscar Pierre, CEO and founder of Glovo, defended Thursday the format for the "flexibility and freedom" that it offers to delivery people and that, he says, they look for and value. "This is how we see the future of the worker," he said. But neither does it hide that this model facilitates the profitability of its business and has admitted that, if it were the case that judicial litigation led to the Supreme Court and it failed against the model and forced these companies to give labor contracts to workers "It would be a good job", both for the company and for the delivery people. In any case, he trusts that this will not be the case and that they will find "solutions" if this is reached.

The CEO of Glovo has convened a press conference on Thursday in which he presented the company's major milestones since its creation and its future plans. In addition, he has submitted to the questions of journalists and has not eluded any. Many of them have focused on the work model of their company and others that are based on self-employed distributors who choose, within limits, when to work or how many hours a week. Pierre has defended that the more than 21,000 delivery people (86.9% of them are men) who collaborate with the company, whom they consult from time to time, value above all the "freedom and flexibility" that offers them and the " security "of having private insurance. "They may even refuse to deliver an order after having accepted," he underlined. According to their internal surveys, 79% of them are satisfied and complain about the waiting time in restaurants and other establishments where they collect orders.

But he is aware that the model is in question and causes "uncertainty". The Labor inspection has rejected it in Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona. A court in Valencia gave the reason to a dealer from Valencia and considered the worker a false self-employed. But it is also true that another court, in Madrid, recently ruled against a Globo ex-partner, ruling that he was not a false self-employed person. He has complained that there is no "unanimity of doctrine" in the Labor Inspectorate.

Maybe one day the Supreme Court will decide, setting a jurisprudence. What if it was unfavorable to the company? Pierre understands that "it would be a chore", both for the company and for those delivery people who seek flexibility. "We would change the profile of the messenger," he said. "I do not think it's the solution, because it's not what the delivery guys ask us to do and we do not believe it's an employment relationship, we'd find a way to work, in that case," he said. And even more: "If that were the case, the solution would be to grow in other countries so that Spain would represent a smaller percentage of our business".

The supermarket business

In addition to the work model, Pierre has also commented on the plans of the company. One of the most striking and immediate is that of supermarkets. They just launched Superglovo in Madrid, an online supermarket that aims to ensure delivery in 30 minutes. It is based on a dark store, a store that is located in the Tetuan neighborhood, which has 1,000 basic purchase references and some simple fresh (fruit and vegetables, basically). It is operational 24 hours, with eight or nine employees, these, contracted and with the agreement of offices, who work in shifts and organize orders. "It's faster and easier than relying on a chain of supermarkets," Pierre explained. Then, the delivery people deliver them. The one in Madrid is the first, is in tests and focuses on, but the idea is that the city has two or three to ensure delivery times of no more than half an hour and open in other cities, both in Spain and in the 22 countries in which Glovo is present.


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