May 25, 2020

Glovo and Uber Eats continue to distribute in Barcelona despite the pitched battle; Deliveroo and Stuart close

"Deliveroo and Stuart have suspended the service tonight. Glovo has just opened slots." Adrián (fictitious name) has in his mobile all the distribution apps and, according to the day, catches hours in the jargon of the sector, the hours or shifts are 'slots'in one or the other to work. Last night before eight o'clock, when the containers were already burning in several streets of Barcelona, ​​he sent the previous message stunned to an old colleague of his.

"I found it paradoxical: some platforms warned that care and late afternoon, seeing the situation, Deliveroo sent a message saying that it closed almost all areas. Stuart another saying the same," he says in conversation with "And curiously in Glovo, which was where I was going to work from nine to eleven, they didn't say much."

Food delivery people continue to work in Barcelona despite protests and the pitched battle in which the city joins every night. Last night, the fifth and hardest day of riots, Glovo opened a shift at eight o'clock for those who wanted to sign up to distribute. "When it's full, the app appears in gray and you can't sign up. Yesterday at eight it went blank and I said: these are crazy," Adrián continues. "The ones in high demand are nine, ten and eleven. They are usually open. In my case, last night I saw them green because I had hours with them."

Adrián spent two of the high demand shifts cycling around areas where there are usually orders, trying to make some. Your score in the app —The 1 to 100 system with which Glovo decides if he gives you hours and which ones– It was "very fair" so he had no choice but to go to work to raise it. "With 97 points, you already notice a big difference in the hours you can take. So if I don't do hours, I get off and next week I could hardly work," he says. However, last night there was hardly any clientele and it was unsuccessful. "Nothing came out in two hours. I guess people were aware and I was not going to say: bring me sushi to Urquinaona. I was in non-problematic areas, by Sagrada Familia, Glòries and Poble Nou, but when I saw police I walked away through other streets. "

Glovo release to its distributors

Glovo release to its distributors

Not placing any order despite being available means two things: one, not charging; Two, don't improve the score. "Today I have lowered points for not having made orders. I have sent them two emails saying that in general, but especially yesterday, just for having signed up for high demand they should guarantee something. I have lost points, I have not had orders and I have been over the street on a very complicated night. " On Saturday afternoon Glovo had not yet responded; Nor did the company respond to a request for information from this newspaper at the close of this article.

The only message that Glovo sent to its distributors in relation to their disturbances was one on Thursday indicating that on Friday there was a strike and there would be "affected areas". "If you are going to connect to the app, please check the map inside the app before starting to distribute to avoid entering areas with a risk alert," he said. During the demonstration in the afternoon, he marked the Diagonal blank. Currently, the application has a button that allows you to reject orders, but "when you have rejected two or three, that button disappears and you have to contact support," says the dealer. "If they think your motives are not enough, they reallocate and penalize you."

Like Glovo, Uber Eats also said nothing to its deliverymen. "I opened the app in case there was any message, but no." Its scoring system is different, while apparently it does not exist —One connects or not at the hours you want– although among riders there is a suspicion that the company does take into account certain parameters to assign orders. Uber Eats has also not responded to a request for information from

Deliveroo statement to its delivery people

Deliveroo statement to its delivery people

The only companies that suspended the service were Deliveroo, throughout the center of Barcelona, ​​and Stuart, in the areas of Centro, Gracia, Provença and Tetuán. Stuart has two models, one type Uber Eats (you connect and disconnect when you want) and another type Glovo (you choose time slots in which you are guaranteed a minimum payment even if there are no orders). "They sent a message saying that we would not make pickups or deliveries in conflict zones and that those of us with strips would be charged the same," concludes Adrián. "And Deliveroo at least warned, gave the option to change zones and closed many restaurants."

That was all last night. At the moment, today none of the four companies has communicated anything to their distributors.

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