Gloria Oliva Martín receives the 2021 Tomás Morales Poetry Prize

The Gran Canaria writer Gloria Oliva Martín |

The Gran Canaria writer Gloria Oliva Martín |
The province

The Gran Canaria Gloria Oliva Martín, with the work Cazadores de hadas, the jury unanimously won the 26th edition of the Tomás Morales International Poetry Prize convened by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and endowed with a prize of 8,000 euros and the publication of the work. For its part, the second prize, without financial endowment, has gone to the Asturian Antonio Pilar García, with the work Under Word, due to the uniqueness of his proposal.

In this call, to which 152 works were presented, three poets who have obtained the Tomás Morales Prize in previous editions were selected as members of the jury. Verónica García (Prize in 1986) has been the president, while Pedro Flores and Tina Suárez (1996 Ex aequo Award) have acted as members, and the director of the House-Museum, Guillermo Perdomo, secretary with voice and without vote.

Verónica García explains that Fairy Hunters rescues the centuries through essential photographs, extracts from the image life and emotion that intensifies time. Gloria Oliva Martín “creates a fascinating body of light and words that redefines our recent history,” she adds. As for Bajo Palabra, he considers «that it makes the word pose before our eyes and even though it sometimes places it inside ‘old platforms’ it clings to it like a ‘burning verb’. Build a map of possible trajectories for the reader and for the poet; finally it is abandoned in writing and its verses run outside their author with their own glory ”, he maintains.

For Pedro Flores, Fairy Hunters is a book of remarkable poetic freshness and imagination. The author, based on iconic photographic images, establishes a dialogue with history and creation. The member of the jury points out that “it is a book about poetry, about the role of the poet, and what is important, it is a collection of poems with a language that manages to seduce the reader beyond any argumentative excuse.” In relation to Under Word, he emphasizes that it deserved its mention and publication for its investigation into the power of language and for its rigor when addressing such a complex issue.

For her part, Tina Suárez assures that Cazadores de hadas is a book of remarkable audacity that offers an interdisciplinary correspondence between photography and poetry, and in which the gaze of the photographer or the mere anecdote of the snapshot is transcended to bring language to the game of poetic fiction, without thereby undermining the lyrical element. Regarding the second prize, he explains that it represents a poetic corpus in which the word is not only a properly grammatical, semantic concept, but also becomes a correlate of other poetic realities, further enriched by constant winks of a metapoetic nature.

In addition to the first prize and second prize, the members of the jury have selected as finalists Dársena, Inherit the rain, You don’t have to understand what it says on my shirt, Beyond the light, Alterities, Stop loving you, The empty step , With the door ajar, Hembralgia, The verses of an unemployed usher, Poiesis of a broken plate on a rubber tablecloth, That of the rain, Word City and Winter Gunpowder.

Gloria Oliva Martín was born in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1964. She studied Technical Business and Tourist Activities and for 10 years she combined her work as a travel agent “with the high-risk activity that being a mother entails,” she explains. Before experiencing what the “empty nest” syndrome was, he was encouraged to explore the discipline of the brush and, later, the art of the pen.


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