Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Gloria Camila Ortega leaves her job as 'influencer' in Mediaset

Gloria Camila Ortega deja su trabajo de ‘influencer’ en Mediaset

The followers of Gloria Camila Ortega wonder if something is wrong, because it's been five months since the young woman uploads videos to her channel of Mtmad, the Mediaset online platform dedicated to her younger audience. She started with some recordings with her boyfriend, Kiko Jiménez, two years ago on the channel they called How I Love You. They explained how their day-to-day as a couple and responded to all kinds of curiosities that happened to their fans.

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It was also on that same platform where they gave a scare that made all the alarms jump: they separated. It turned out to be something metaphorical, since it was only a digital separation. He would leave the channel for his own, 'Like the Kiko' and she would focus on 'Immense'. But they only lasted three months.

The decision to separate his channel from Kiko was not successful

It is clear that the decision was not right, because only uploaded eight videos, which did not have the audience they expected. Probably, if they had known, they would not have been encouraged to separate paths.

But the daughter of Rocío Jurado seems to be dedicated to other projects because, as she has revealed, she will stop being Blogger for Mtmad. This means that their followers will no longer be able to enjoy their recordings, at least those of Mediaset. Well, as he has clarified, he will continue giving advice through his social networks.

For now, Gloria Camila will continue giving advice from their social networks

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