August 5, 2021

Glocal strategies for brands to lead their zones – La Provincia

Glocal strategies for brands to lead their zones - La Provincia

Marketing directors of major brands have met in theIII Conference on Glocal Marketingin the Bankia auditorium of Madrid organized byINREDto know first-hand how to make a relevant communication strategy that allows the brand to approach the insights of different territories such as Bilbao, Andalusia and Extremadura, among others, achieving the highestimpact and engagement in its potential consumers.

In theIII Glocal Marketing Conference against Peripheral Myopia. Global Brands, Local Clients"driven byVictor Conde,General Director of the Marketing Association of Spain, important global brands have been present such as Volotea, Mercedes Benz, Ecovidrio or Acción Contra el Hambre. These corporations have shared some of their best-known success stories, actions planned and executed by INRED in various areas of Spain. On behalf of the same, Jorge Garteiz-Gogeascoa on behalf of Volotea, Miguel Mora on behalf of Mercedes Benz, José Luis Magro of Ecovidrio, and Beatriz Tejada of Acción Contra el Hambre.

In addition, theEditorial group Iberian Press, and theEqumedia media agency, have presented some of the resources and tools that make them the perfect allies of INRED to implement their campaigns in their strategic territories.

At the close of the day,Pedro Montero, Executive Director of INRED, hasencouraged brands to make this communication adapted to the idiosyncrasies and customs of each territorythat will allow them to convert their consumers into fans of their brand, with the strategic consultancy work and local media purchase of INRED, as has been demonstrated in the different success stories exposed during the day.

CurrentlyINREDis one of the agencies with the most local / regional knowledge in Spain that has more than 640 professionals and 12 delegations scattered throughout the country. "A liquid team that brings together the best talent from each territory and works together to generate the best strategies, ideas and campaigns."

On the other hand,Jorge Garteiz-Gogeascoahas presented the campaign developed for the Voletea brand, which is made in a humorous way and which has managed to increase brand awareness in just one year by more than 50%.

In this sense, Beatriz Tejada, Action Against Hunger has also highlighted how they have grown the number of projects carried out by the association on Employability and Entrepreneurship in different locations in Spain and how to haveINREDIt has been key for its knowledge of the different territories, its flexibility, agility, tools and equipment available to the brand in each territory and all coordinated from the headquarters in Madrid.

Another of the success stories exposed has been Ecovidrio and its campaign "Vidriorecomendados". From Ecovidrio they looked for a tactical action of sensitization and increase of kilos of recycling of glass in the channel Horeca de Extremadura. In addition, they needed the actions to achieve notoriety in the media, in which theINRED experiencewith the Horeca channel and local knowledge they have once again become key to its proper functioning.


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