Globalvia, innovation, sustainability, collaboration and technology for a new world

Globalvia, innovation, sustainability, collaboration and technology for a new world


Globalvia promotes new mobility models that transform road and rail transport and develops projects of great innovative value in Spain, the United States, Ireland, Portugal, Andorra, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile.

Aware of the paradigm shift in which the infrastructure and transport sector is immersed, the company is committed to sustainability, technological disruption and new mobility models: a scenario full of opportunities, but also of challenges and risks. This transformation is driven by the users themselves, who increasingly demand more services focused on a unique and differential travel experience. Builders, transport operators, administrations, technological manufacturers, all seek a common goal: to offer a system of urban and interurban transport that is safe, integrated, sustainable, user-oriented and efficiently managed. What are the key levers of this vital transformation in the sector?

one) Work collaboratively and join forces

two) Start to see things with the prism of the user

3) Employ technology as a lever for transformation and competitive advantage

4) The transformation is not possible without the talent of the people.


We live in a period of change that implies, above all, a profound transformation in the way we work and offer services to citizens. Globalvia has a clear vision of how innovation should improve society with analysis of the new challenges to provide imaginative solutions and opportunities to their businesses. Three axes define your vision of innovation:

Innovate to improve society: transforming transport infrastructures into new mobility models where people become the center.

Innovate to transform the business: using disruptive technologies to be more efficient in their operations and offer a differential user experience.

Innovate to empower the employee: promoting an innovative culture that favors intra-entrepreneurship and creativity.

In order to carry out this vision of innovation, we are committed to Open Innovation, which seeks to promote the identification and definition of ideas, products and services that provide new approaches, new business models and a differentiating value for infrastructures and for society. These ideas must present a positive impact on the challenges of Globalvia, its users and the infrastructures it manages. For this reason, the company has already begun the path of transformation, leading different types of projects that are so necessary for change and that are articulated in the following themes:

- Offer a unique and differential experience to its users on their trips

- Create new models of mobility that change our lifestyle

- Facilitate the lives of those around us through the interconnection of data

- Be a reference in safe and intelligent infrastructures

- Promote sustainable models that last over time

Corporate Social Responsibility

Globalvia understands the Corporate Social Responsibility as a logical consequence of their commitment to the environment. Their long-term relationship with the communities that coexist in the environments of the eight countries where they operate, has led them to define a management model in which Sustainability is integrated into all the processes of their value chain.

The current Sustainability Strategy of Globalvia is totally oriented and committed to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals proclaimed by the United Nations. In Globalvia, CSR is not a way of working, but a style of being that defines the essence of the company and that of all its employees.

A Strategic CSR Plan defines actions for each of the key pillars, involving all areas of the company. And these five pillars are:

- Corporate governance

- Human Resources

- Environment

- Economic and Social Development

- Quality and Innovation

In September 2018, Globalvia formally constituted the Sustainability Committee as the main actor to design the company's strategy in this matter, as well as implement, monitor and evaluate all the actions carried out in the eight countries where the company carries out its activity.


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