Globalia launches an ERTE for 9,000 employees for economic reasons

The tourism group Globalia has announced that it will launch a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) that would affect some 9,000 employees given the possibility that the conversations between the Government and social agents do not result in an extension of the ERTE of force majeure at least during this year, as confirmed to Europa Press in industry sources.

Iberia proposes an ERTE that will affect 5,000 employees, 35% of the workforce

Iberia proposes an ERTE that will affect 5,000 employees, 35% of the workforce

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The forecast of a collapse in demand in the next autumn-winter season has made the tourism company anticipate a possible situation that could greatly damage the company's accounts, already very affected due to the fall in demand in the last year for the coronavirus.

As confirmed to Europa Press, the measure will affect just over 9,000 employees, 60% of the total, and will be extended to all the companies that make up Globalia (Air Europa, Be Live Hotel, Groundforce). It would not enter the ERTE Halcón Viajes, which at the end of 2020 became part of Avoris.

This ERTE for economic, technical, organizational or production reasons (known as ETOP) would occur in the event that the conditions of the current force majeure ERTE could not be maintained.

The Government has proposed to the social agents to extend the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) until January 31 and has linked the exemptions to training actions for the affected workers. The Government's proposal also unifies the exemptions and maintains 100% for impediment ERTEs, 50% for companies with fewer than 50 workers in limitation ERTEs and 40% for larger companies.

In the same way, the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) of the previous Royal Decree and the situations of discontinuous fixed are extended.

In recent months, the 'holding' chaired by Juan José Hidalgo has received aid in the form of loans for more than 800 million. The Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI) granted in October 2020 a loan of 475 million to the airline of the Air Europa group and another 320 million to the Halcón Viajes group of agencies, now merged with Avoris, in March of this year.

ERTE also in Iberia

If applied, the Globalia ERTE will be the second in the sector and the largest in the tourism industry to date. Just a few days ago, Iberia already announced an ERTE that would affect 5,000 employees, almost a third of its workforce.

The uncertainty about this extension and its conditions, as well as the slowdown in the recovery of trips, have motivated this decision to start negotiating with the unions.

It is expected that the reactivation of flights to the United States from November can alleviate the situation for the two airlines, which are currently being greatly affected by the limitations that exist on long-haul flights.


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