Globalia and Barceló close the merger of their travel agencies




Globalia and Barceló closed the merger of their travel agencies on Monday, an operation that was profiled on Friday. The tourist group founded by Juan José Hidalgo in 1971 explained in a statement that the new conglomerate It will have 36 brands, a staff of more than 6,000 employees and a turnover close to 3,700 million euros.

In addition, the new company will have a network of 1,500 establishments. As explained Globalia, the conglomerate, which will maintain the Halcón Viajes and B the Travel Brand brands, was born with the “initial objective of not closing even one” of these agencies. With the merger, both firms intend to stand up to Viajes El Corte Inglés, the absolute market leader.

«We are very excited about this agreement that involves the creation of a leading group, since we understand that it was one of the pending subjects of Spanish outbound tourism. The merger also involves the integration of two large companies that provide a long and successful career in the tourism sector. And, above all, they provide a formidable team of professionals, with an unquestionable knowledge and passion for the world of travel, ”explained the CEO of Globalia, Javier Hidalgo, and the president of Barceló, Simón Pedro Barceló. Both have personally led the operation.

Barceló will contribute to the new society Ávoris' businesses, with its B the Travel Brand, Catai, Rhodasol, Bedtoyou, BCD Travels and BCD Meetings & Events brands, among others. The merger also includes Evelop, the airline that was founded in 2013 after the purchase of part of the Orbest Orizonia Airlines assets by the Barceló Group, and which has a fleet of 6 aircraft.

Globalia includes Halcón Viajes, Viajes Ecuador, Geomoon, Travelplan, Welcome, Globalia Meetings & Events, Globalia Corporate Travel and Globalia Autocares. "So much Javier Hidalgo as Simón Pedro Barceló they will be personally involved in the development of the business, adding the experience accumulated by two key families in the history of tourism in Spain, ”explained Globalia.

Both companies have already worked together in the Mundosenior UTE, which has been awarded the Imserso trips to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and to tourist areas in the interior of Spain. For companies, this "has been the proof that both companies can work together and achieve optimal results."


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