July 7, 2020

Global coronavirus cases rise to 10.1 million

The number of coronavirus cases in the world has reached 10.11 million, after having increased by 96,286 in the last 24 hours, which represents a sharp reduction in daily cases, reported the World Health Organization (WHO).

In recent days, the confirmed cases on each day have ranged from 130,000 to 160,000, with a peak of 191,000 infections in a single day.

The WHO database has received confirmation of 502,278 deaths directly caused by covid-19, which means 2,365 more deaths than the day before.

This is the lowest number of deaths worldwide in weeks.

The table of the twelve most affected countries in the world remains stable, with the United States at the top, with more than 2.54 million cases, followed by Brazil, with 1.34 million.

They are followed, in descending order, by Russia, India, the United Kingdom, Peru, Chile, Spain, Italy, Iran, Mexico and Pakistan.


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