May 12, 2021

Glivarp: Ikea withdraws 45,000 tables from the market after reporting 50 clients that one part falls | Economy

Glivarp: Ikea withdraws 45,000 tables from the market after reporting 50 clients that one part falls | Economy

The furniture company Ikea has announced on Tuesday the withdrawal of 45,563 tables of the Glivarp model for presenting risk of falling from an extension board. It is the total number of units of that model in white color sold since January 2017.

The announcement comes after 50 consumers warned Ikea that the extendable part of the furniture was falling. The model is also manufactured in metallic finish, but that variant has not been removed.

As a result of the fall of the extensible boards, the company has learned that six people were injured and that three of them needed medical attention, spokeswoman Therese Fagerstedt told AFP.

The model, marketed in small size (75 x 70 x 74 centimeters) and large (115 x 70 x 74 centimeters), has a price of 199 euros or 249 euros, respectively. In the instructions online The product requires that only one person is needed to open the table.

The company has asked its customers around the world, to which it has apologized, to stop using it and contact Ikea for "their refund or replacement with a similar one", without the need to present proof of purchase .

In recent years the company has committed to consumers to review complaints or warnings about defects in the products. When you decide on a withdrawal, you announce it in a section of your web page.

In 2016 the company separated from the US market variants of Malm dresser model, after the death of three children on which the furniture had fallen. Ikea offered to 29 million customers who had acquired it the return of money or the free delivery of a technician that anchors the drawers to the wall.

The last products taken out of the commercialization have been the soffits of the Calypso model, last September, due to the possible fall risk; the Sladda bicycle, in May, for possible breakage of the chain; and the Eldslaga gas plate, in April, for exceeding carbon monoxide emission rates. In this last case, the product was removed to be repaired.

In addition to furniture, in the past the company has alerted its customers about bags of goodies, chocolates or a disguise bat layer, for "risk of strangulation or neck injuries," Ikea reported on its corporate website.


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