February 26, 2021

Glasses to "give vision" to the blind

Three students of the University of Almeria (UAL) want to change the lives of blind people and people with reduced vision with 'Liberty Delta', glasses that will allow them to be guided by the urban environment detecting specific obstacles to move through the streets with more security.

Antonio Daniel Guerreo, a second year student of Industrial Electronics Engineering, explained to Efe that it is really "three devices that go together, starting with glasses with proximity sensors that warn people near objects on public roads that carry them. "

Sensors that can locate signs, badly parked motorcycles and other obstacles, and transfer this information to discrete bands placed on the feet so that the user "can know their position depending on whether the right or left foot vibrates", as well as of other parameters defined by their creators.

These sensors will be connected by 'bluetooth' – although the prototype with which they work still uses cables – and with a GPS system, with the possibility of extending the functions of the device in the future by connecting to different databases to offer " more security "to its users.

The second mechanical engineering student, Aidas Dackus, points out that this initiative arose on the occasion of the 'Ideas Factory Summit (IF Summit)', which was held on March 28 in Seville and in which 18 university entrepreneurship projects participated, three of them from the UAL.

"We had to present an idea in a minute and the rest of the participants voted on those ideas. Nine were chosen and the groups were created. We went to the Seville phase and there we presented our project. Then we participated in the UAL Ideas Fair , where we got two awards, one for the best entrepreneurial project and one for Verdiblanca, "he says.

In the case of the association of people with disabilities Verdiblanca, "Liberty Delta" liked it so much that it was included in the program of the summer course 'Innovating for diversity: new technologies applied to different capacities in the 21st century', which organized First of the month the UAL with the sponsorship of Fundación ONCE.

"Liberty Delta" had its origin in "GPS shoes", but soon they would suffer a change in their conception and would include one of their most recognizable elements, the glasses.

But for both parties to work in a coordinated manner, it is necessary to have different tools in which each member of this small multidisciplinary team puts their grain of sand.

Alejandro Pino, a third-year student of Computer Engineering, explains that the glasses work at this time as "a sonar, a wave is sent -on ultrasound- and with the time it takes to return the distance to the obstacle is calculated" .

The information of these ultrasonic sensors is translated by an intermediate mobile application that connects the glasses with the bands of the feet, which in turn emit an emission code: "It is a code of vibrations. Pulses are sent and as you approach the obstacle, the pace accelerates and when it is very close, it is a continuous pulse, "Pino incides.

However, there is still work to be done such as "implement bluetooth to eliminate cables" or change the sensors for others that are not sensitive to changes in temperature, noise or wind because "in this project precision is the most important thing".

"In addition to being an urban guide, which is our goal for being where there are more problems, it can be used in domestic environments and as a module, you could use only the bands with a GPS application so that the tourist does not look at the mobile continuously on the street In the future we want to try to make everything connected to the traffic network, "concludes Pino.

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