May 13, 2021

«Glass», superheroes on the couch

«Glass», superheroes on the couch

Hand actors with charisma, energy and willpower, one of them is Samuel L. Jackson. On one occasion, the American went personally to tell George Lucas that his "lightsaber" in "Star Wars", in which he plays Mace Windu, should be purple, even though until then they were all blue or green His intention was that he could be easily identified in the midst of the chaos of the battle of Geonosis, which takes place in "The Attack of the Clones" (2002). His fetish with lilac shades has not diminished since then. In fact, on the red carpet of the London premiere of his most recent film, "Glass", Jackson wore a striking aubergine-colored outfit that could well belong to the character he plays in the film, Elijah Price, also known for his penchant for purple.

«Glass» closes the trilogy that began in 2000 with «El Protegido», in which the director M. Night Shyamalan presented the brilliant Elijah, also called Mr. Glass because of the fragility of his bones, which break with the ease of glass . Elijah is convinced that David Dunn (Bruce Willis) is his counterpart, a man as strong as he is weak, and is dedicated to showing him that he has superhuman abilities. From that filming, Jackson knew the filmmaker's intention to continue the story, although not how or when he would do it. "It has made us wait a long time," he says. Indeed, between the first delivery and the last one, 18 years have passed, although just two years ago the second one was released, "Multiple", starring James McAvoy and in which neither Elijah nor David Dunn appear. According to Jackson, time has softened Shyamalan: "When we did" The protégé "practically forced us not to blink," he laughs, "now, on the other hand, he's much calmer and more willing to collaborate."

If that film was about a man whose self-image had blinded his true abilities and "Multiple" explored the lethal power of a monster created by a traumatized mind, "Glass" delves into the root of his own identity: to what extent? Can our mind shape and, ultimately, determine our vision of reality and of ourselves? Shyamalan has been interested in psychology and therapy since he was very young, especially during his university years, so it is not surprising that the origin of the trilogy is the psyche, in particular dissociative identity disorder, a mental illness usually caused by childhood traumas that prevent people from integrating their experiences into a single identity. This is the case of Kevin Wendell Crumb, the character of McAvoy, who has 24 different identities, including a fashion designer, a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a 9-year-old boy and the Beast, a cannibal who suffocates his victims like a boa constrictor and can climb the walls.

Double identity

Therefore, there was no better scenario to bring these three supermen together – Elijah, the prodigious mind; David, the unbreakable, and the fearsome Beast-that a psychiatric hospital. There, Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) tries to convince them that the powers they believe they possess are just the product of their unstable minds. You are not superheroes, you repeat them again and again. And there we find the second key to the film: it is, as in the previous two, a tribute to comics and the classic scheme of the superhero, especially its origins. It is an almost natural combination if one takes into account that the basic characteristic of almost everyone is their double identity: Peter Parker / Spiderman, Bruce Wayne / Batman, Clark Kent / Superman. "" The protégé "and" Multiple "were, in a sense, films of deconstructionist superheroes», explains the director.

Any reader of comics will find evident winks in the plot and in the aesthetics of the film, like the moment in which Dunn recovers his raincoat – that uses like a species of layer whenever it leaves to fight some villain – and therefore it recovers also the confidence in itself and in its superpowers. As in so many comics, the protagonists of "Glass" are the marginalized, as Jackson states: "We tend to think that people with some anomaly are less intelligent. But Elijah's fragility has made him strong, unlike what people may believe. "

Shyamalan was nostalgic about the idea of ​​bringing the main characters of the three films together, and he was able to use some scenes of "The Protected One" that were not included in the first: "It was incredible to be able to use them. I knew that they could be incorporated into "Glass" if it was written appropriately. " For the director, seeing McAvoy, Willis and Jackson together was a moment that the followers of his trilogy were looking forward to. In fact, he assures that the public has established a peculiar relationship with these films. However, the first one was not spectacularly successful, at least compared to "The Sixth Sense", although Jackson says that "it worked decently when it premiered in its day, I do not consider it a failure, as Some people have said. It's as if you see "Pulp Fiction" and then "Jackie Brown", the second does not stop being a movie. "The protege" worked well and has been improving over time to become a cult movie. With that I stay ».

Without a word

In addition, he says he enjoyed working with Willis again: "There is no doubt that over the years you develop links with certain people with whom you work, there is a camaraderie that makes work easier. I always know that with him things will work, "he says. He also insists on how much he liked to take up the role of Elijah: "He is a strong character in a fragile body, I have loved to interpret him, he is a calm guy," he says. Although already in the first Elijah is confined to a wheelchair, in this installment the character has a new interpretative difficulty: during much of the film he barely moves, does not even blink, because doctors force him to take a huge amount of sedatives to prevent him from escaping from the hospital. «It is true that I keep quite calm, but do not think it is so easy to be there without saying a word and observing what happens around you. The funny thing is that nobody realizes that I'm paying attention, "says Jackson, and adds:" It's hard to be in the same scene where James McAvoy gives life to seven different characters and not being able to say a word, but at the same time It's amazing to be able to observe him ».


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