Glass half full or half empty in the PU

Jesé celebrates his goal against Málaga last Friday. / you the palms

UD continues as before with one game less. The margin is reduced, but optimism persists to enter the promotion

Life remains the same at UD although with one less day. Glass half full or half empty. There are interpretations for both directions, although the club had this stage.
Do your homework against Malaga and that none of the direct rivals left points four games before the end of the regular calendar.
It does not upset, therefore, neither the plans nor the optimism that there is in the locker room to be able to finish among the top six and dispute the long-awaited promotion for promotion to the highest category. Moreover, although the margin of error is narrowing, the certainty that the necessary results will be given for the carom that is required has not been cut one iota.

"Many things are still going to happen," García Pimienta warned last Thursday Regarding the league outcome that he foresees and in which, effectively, different circumstances have to happen for UD to sneak into the privileged places.
Because he not only needs Oviedo to give inwith five rental points and a pending visit to Gran Canaria.
Also that, in at least one day, Ponferradina does not winwhich is seventh and leads Las Palmas by two units.

Tenerifethird, and
Gironafourth, they meet next weekend in Montilivi, so one of them, if it is not both, will not play a full game, which opens up one more option for UD if they maintain their speed, even if they have goal-average lost with the Catalan team, the closest now with six points, somewhat blurs that perception and invites us to focus on Oviedo.

The Asturian team, which has linked six consecutive wins, now faces a risky visit, since it will appear in Malaga and against a sunken host and that permanence is at stake, neither more nor less. It is a compromise on which many hopes are pinned because at the moment
in which Oviedo stops winning, if UD complies, there will no longer be any external dependency.

La Ponferradina, with a move to Pucela in two weeks and who would be surpassed in the table in the event of a tie on points, is less concerned because, with a Valladolid on the hunt for direct promotion, surprising him now in his fiefdom is not within the reach of many , out of discussion
the Pimienta team that was able to do it a short time ago with a solitary goal from Sadiku (0-1).

However, the main thing is to tile the four remaining games
("You have to win everything and then God will say", Álvaro Lemos came to recognize last week) and await events knowing that the vicissitudes of the competition can be propitious.
The latent resentment of having entered May at this juncture, with time against it, is related to the fatal sequence that occurred between days 27 and 31 with a balance of two points out of fifteen possible (defeats against Burgos and Girona at home and in the departure to Zaragoza and draws against Lugo and Huesca).

Then he has rectified in a big way, winning five of the last seven meetings and
saving with note the two exits in a row to Eibar and Ibiza. Everything for this scenario to occur that, except for a radical turn, leads to a campaign finale full of strong emotions. What has not happened since the decline of 2018. Less is nothing.

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