Give yourself up to 100 euros this Christmas when you open an account

Give yourself up to 100 euros this Christmas when you open an account

Christmas is approaching and many manage to scratch money from anywhere. Discounts on brands, friend plans or accounts with gifts at home payroll are some of the tricks that experts recommend to savers who want to stretch the salary in these dates of continuous spending.

The bank gets a client and we receive cash by domiciling our salary, we all win. This is one of the methods most used by entities to build customer loyalty, in addition to others such as offering profitability for the balance in the account or discounts and promotions in fashion, leisure, travel, etc.

Accounts with discounts are another way to earn money on our Christmas purchases. Some banks market Free accounts in which it is not necessary to link the salary and that, in addition, allow us to save a percentage in our purchases. In this way, saving this Christmas can become an easy task.

The gift accounts that will fix the Christmas budget

Most accounts that offer gifts have one condition in common: they require a payroll to be domiciled in exchange for the gift. We may be charging our monthly salary in an account that is not offering anything in return. Why not put our payroll to work and get benefits?

One of the accounts that offers gifts without asking much in return is the Cuenta_ON Payroll of Bankia, that gives 50 euros to spend on Amazon, Media Markt, Decathlon, etc. If we are interested in obtaining this gift, the only requirement is to pay a salary higher than 450 euros or a pension of 200 euros, without having to fulfill a permanence.

Another account that offers cash is the Payroll Account from imaginBank. With her we can get 40 or 100 euros depending on what our salary is. If we charge more than 600 euros, we can get a credit of 100 euros when opening the account. To get the gift we must complete a 48-month tenure and domicile three receipts per quarter. If our payroll does not reach this amount, we will receive a gift of 40 euros. In this case, the permanence decreases to 24 months.

IberCaja is one of the last banks that has decided to offer an account with a gift for domiciling the payroll. It's about the Account We go to 5% TIN, a bank account with which we can earn a check of 100 euros on Amazon If we direct a payroll of 1,500 euros for 24 months.

Use the discounts offered by the accounts and save on your purchases

It is possible that our payroll is already domiciled in another bank, we do not have payroll or simply we do not want to link to an entity in exchange for gifts. In that case, an alternative to save is to opt for accounts without payroll that offer discounts on brands.

There are several bank accounts attached to discount programs. The most outstanding, according to the comparator, are: Current Account imagin, which offers discounts on leisure (PortAventura, Groupalia, Caldea), travels (Baleària, Lufthansa, Hotels PortAventura Word), etc .; the Open Current Account, with a long list of brands and establishments (Women'secret, Booking, Sephora) in which we will save by paying with the Openbank cards, and the ING Without Payroll Account, with discounts on major brands (Springfield,, Club Vips) thanks to the Shopping Orange.


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