Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Give up technologies, a good method to promote equality

Ceder tecnologías, un buen método para promover la igualdad

There are more and more large companies that have divisions that combine the solidary and the technological to help non-profit organizations that, without their collaboration, they could not continue carrying out their activity. JP Morgan Chase, one of the oldest financial services companies, created from the merger of the Chase Manhattan Corporation and JP Morgan Co., is one of the corporations that have advanced the most in this field. So, it has a program, Code for Good, focused specifically on this area.

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Many of these initiativess work from the selfless work of volunteers. Mathew Mullen-Mechtly is one of them. He began to get involved in these projects when he was studying at the University of Stony Brook (New York, United States), where he graduated in Information Systems Sciences, after intervening in a hackathon. Like his colleagues, he had 24 hours to develop solutions of this type. His ideas caught the attention of JP Morgan Chase executives and, by an unconventional way, he got a good job.

Choices Education Group, a non-governmental organization in Seattle (United States), is benefiting from this trend. Dedicated to keeping schoolchildren from low-income families focused, she designed a text-based game because, at first, its recipients did not have the ability to buy a smartphone. Years later, when these students could already afford smartphones, their social entertainment became obsolete.

Thus, the game had to be redesigned as a mobile application, with graphics and current sounds. However, this task had a cost that Choices could not afford. It was then when he took action to lend a hand Code for Good, one of the most outstanding lines of action of Technology for Social Good JP Morgan Chase, which, so far, has facilitated more than 250,000 hours of volunteer work to support more than 1,200 associations.

Choices Education Group attended approximately 40,000 students from 25 US states during the past year. His forecast is that this figure grow in the coming years. His colleagues from entities such as YMCA, Boys Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters hope to benefit from this same plan. Mullen-Mechtly remembers that employees also win with these experiences.

With the #TwitterForGood tag, the most popular microblogging page in the world has helped launch similar campaigns. Likewise, the Linkedin professional network has allocated time, effort and money to cooperate in the reception of refugees. The giant Apple has provided technology for elections in the United States with the aim of strengthening the democratic participation in the country.

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