Girona, a club with financial muscle

Stuani celebrates a goal this season. / THE LEAGUE

The City Football Group, owner of this Saturday's rival, offers nearly 200 million for the purchase of one of Brazil's historic teams, Atlético Mineiro

PETER GARCIA The Gran Canarian palms

Girona F.C. It was acquired in August 2017 by the owners of Manchester City and since then they have competed with the peace of mind that comes from the financial backing of their investors with the clear purpose of fighting year after year for juicy sporting goals.

In the current competition
he has the lowest salary limit in the category, but the possibility that the League allows him to exceed it by up to ten million euros (three more than UD La Palmas) are enough to consolidate it as one of the clubs aspiring to promotion to the First Division.

Of course, next season said budget will have to balance it, so the 2022-2023 season will start in negative. Something that does not worry its shareholders, since it has a powerful financial plan to support it. And it's all about upgrading.

The rival that visits UD Las Palmas this Saturday at the Gran Canaria Stadium (5:15 p.m.) and that leads the yellows by five points, has in its ranks several footballers with an economic cache only available to First-class clubs. These are the cases of Stuani, the top scorer in the Smartbank League and a sensitive loss in the Girona team, Samu Saiz or Borja García.

In the yellow club, meanwhile, the players with the best pay are Jonathan Viera and Jesé Rodríguez. Luis Helguera, sports director, has had to adjust to a more austere budget than Girona to form a very competitive squad that is on the verge of promotion.

UD Las Palmas is the
seventh club with the largest budget in the category, around 12 million euros, behind Éibar, Real Valladolid, Leganés, Huesca, Málaga and Real Sociedad 'B', dependent on the Real Sociedad first team.

Now the owner of Girona looks at Brazilian football and sees business as happened a few years ago with foreign capital from other investors who entered China to invest in Asian clubs. In the minds of the big sports investors is the creation of a Brazilian Super League.

This group with significant capital that comes from Abu Dhabi and based in the United Kingdom has made a first offer of 181 million euros for the purchase of 51% of the shares of Mineiro, an entity that carries a debt of close to 236 million euros. euros. The talks are at the starting point, but very close.

The first step has already been taken by the owners of Italian Genoa and minority shareholders of Sevilla with the acquisition of Vasco da Gama, information revealed by the business platform for the sports industry 2Playbook.

The high indebtedness of the Brazilian teams makes this type of investment interesting, highlighting the American capital. One of the most recent examples is that of Ronaldo, owner of Real Valladolid
and team that Las Palmas must visit next week in Zorrilla.

The former striker for Real Madrid became the property of another of the most supportive and significant clubs in Brazil, Cruzeiro, for which he paid an amount close to 65 million euros.

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