Girls Night Out with Simone Biles

Goat, with Simone Biles

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The tour had been planned since 2019, when Biles thought of it as a “totally different” alternative to the tours he usually organizes after the Olympic Games the American gymnastics federation, but the time has come for the fans and the athlete. Occurred when the worst of the pandemic has passed and with vaccines or masks you can satiate your appetite for entertainment. And it has come after those tokyo games no audience in which Biles put his mental health ahead of his own or other people’s expectations and withdrew from the team competition after encountering what he called “the demons of the head” (although he returned to add to his unequaled medal table a bronze bar balance).

Inspirational message

The show gives the 24-year-old gymnast the opportunity to get away from any pressure and dedicate herself, above all, to fun and to launch that message of inspiration to new generations and of self care to which he now dedicates a good part of his efforts (he has just added as “Impact advisor” of an application what lends remote mental health care ). And although on the poster and on the floor, the balance beam and the asymmetric ones that are deployed there is sports talent in abundance, as the show has the Olympic medalists Jade Carey, MyKayla Skinner, Jordan Chiles and Grace McCallum, with the world champions Chellsie Memmel and Morgan Hurd and other elite gymnasts such as Laurie Hernandez, Katelyn Ohashi, the French Melanie De Jesus dos Santos and the Canadian Ellie Black, Biles is the magnet.

The Texan, who has recently recognized that she is “still scared of gymnastics “, moderates her pirouettes and has also admitted that it is strange to see how classmates do what she used to do. But it is her without a doubt who has gone to see Avvy, an 11-year-old black girl who, like her idol, has also found her passion in gymnastics. He is already, according to his proud account, “at level 4” and can even boast of having already won a competition. “The coaches said to go out and have fun, I did it and I won,” he says.

$ 100 per head

For the little girl’s mother, Cassandra Patterson, there was no question about shelling out the almost $ 100 a head per ticket for a few seats in the middle tier of the Barclays, not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. Because he sees that “Simone is a inspiration for black girls, especially in a predominantly white sport ”. And he believes that he also leaves many lessons to adults. “Many times parents press and we press, but sometimes it is better to tell them that they should stop ”, he reflects, before also applauding Biles for how he has publicly denounced, including in his recent testimony in Congress, the sexual abuse to which Larry Nassar subjected him and the cover-up of the system and the federation.

Although the stands are full of girls, delivered to a soundtrack where BTS, Dua Lipa or Katy Perry and where songs like ‘Love myself’, ‘Don’t you worry about a thing’ or ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ sound, there are also young adults like Clara and Agustina, two Argentines aged 27 and 22 respectively, great admirers of the gymnastics. For them the show is a bit too much of that, and although at various times they have been able to verify “the mind blowing level“Of the gymnasts, add a list of regrets, although nuanced by their understanding that the objective is to inspire the children’s audience:” you can’t pay attention to everything “,” the dancers are too much “,”it is not sport but spectacle”.

The best ever

It all ends with a group of girls whose parents have paid extra by going on stage with the athletes and then, under a shower of golden confetti, say goodbye. And the feeling of having lived remains in the air “a special night”For little girls like Lily Draper, who at seven is euphoric, and not just because she has missed her usual bedtime by far. “Today was a girls night”He exclaims. “No bro power!” What did you like the most? “The Wonder Woman leotard.”

The public begins to leave, although there are still queues to buy merchandise, including those shiny jerseys and a plush goat with horns and golden hooves, this GOAT which is the acronym for the name of the Tour but also for what Biles is almost without discussion: the Greatest of All Time, the best of all time.


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