Giovanni returns the illusion to Lanzarote three months later

Lanzarote recovers the illusion in the Las Palmas subgroup of the Third Division. After almost three months without competing, Josu Uribe’s side added its second victory with a stellar performance by former CD Tenerife striker Giovanni Rodríguez, who debuted with a ´hat-trick ‘in the rabbit ranks. Miguel Gómez completed the win for the rojillo side, while Llinares’ goal was insufficient for Unión Puerto in the postponed match, corresponding to matchday six.

During the first 45 minutes it was possible to see a more dominating Lanzarote, who shot effectively to go to rest with a wide score in favor. Josu Uribe’s team, after almost three months without competing, imposed their game against a Unión Puerto. And that the game began with a dislocation in Raúl’s shoulder.

Minutes of fury

When it was half an hour, Lanzarote translated its dominance in the first goal of the contest, the work of the former blue and white Giovanni, with a shot from the front. Before the break, Giovanni himself took a long-distance shot out of the hat, which caught the Majorero goal in advance, and slipped through the squad.

Lanzarote was not satisfied and Miguel Gómez made it 3-0 before the break. After the resumption, those of Puerto del Rosario improved and Llinares, cut distances. However, Giovanni rounded off his day to pitch for his team.

Data sheet

UD Lanzarote 4 – Union Puerto 1

Lanzarote: Alexander; Raúl (Miguel Gómez, 8 ‘), Josua, Javi Morales, Matheus, Ayoze Pérez, Miguel Gopar (Dani González, 84’), Keita (Adrián Machín, 90 ‘), Giovanni (Abdoulaye Ba, 90’), Rosmen (Aythami Yebri, 84 ‘) and Oriol. .

Union Port: Rodrigo; Alberto, Teto, Borja Granda, Iván, Thioub (Jonathan Sesma, 74 ‘), Samuel, Llinares, Sandro (Airam, 77’), Borja Vera (Jordan, 85 ‘) and Ramiro.

Goals: 1-0.- (29 ‘): Giovanni; 2-0.- (44 ‘): Giovanni; 3-0.- (45 + 3 ‘): Miguel Gómez; 3-1.- (57 ‘): Llinares. 4-1: (72 ‘) Giovanni.

Referee: Rembado Rodríguez. He admonished Matheus, Josua and Rosmen; and for the visitors to Sandro.


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